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Charlotte Pugh
b. 29 May 1799 Parramatta NSW
Submitted by
Heather Brownett

Charlotte Pugh, born on the 29th May 1799 at Parramatta was baptised on 5 January 1800 at the Church of England Church Parramatta (Baptism number 847 Vol. 1) and was the fifth and youngest child of Edward Pugh & Hannah Smith. The Pioneer Register states the she was married to a Samuel Garside (Gearside) although there is no record of this. On February 2nd 1818 they had a daughter, Ann and in 1820 a son, William both of whom were born at Richmond. (In 1822 Samuel Garside married Sarah Metcalfe, apparently showing no legal marriage to Charlotte Pugh).

In 1821 as a 22 year-old woman Charlotte was working as a free servant to John Guard of Cambridge Street Sydney which is where she met a convict named Samuel Browne and in 1822 Charlotte & Samuel had a son also named Samuel Browne.

The 1828 Census shows Charlotte Pugh as being born in the colony, 26 years old and a servant at Cambridge Street Sydney. She was shown as a servant to John Guard and lodging with him were Ann Garside 11 years and William Garside 9 years.

No more further information on Charlotte Pugh has come to light other than the name Charlotte Pew (Pugh) was used on the marriage certificate of her child Samuel Browne when he married Mary Jane Thornton in 1898 (five months before he died aged 78 years).


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