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Robert Moughtin/Morton
Tailor. Emigrated to Australia from the Isle of Man in 1832
1998-1999 submitted by
Scott Brown, Great-great Grandson of Robert

Robert Moughtin and his first wife Annie Cowle left the Isle of Man in the early 1820's with their infant daughter Eliza. They first went to Liverpool, England, where they stayed until 1832. Robert and Annie had three more children while they were in Liverpool, Annie Jane (b: 1826) and twins William James and Robert Daniel (b: 1828). These children were christened in the then Cathedral of St. Peter's, Church Street Liverpool.

Liverpool in the 1820's was a rapidly growing city just a short distance across the Irish Sea from the Isle of Man and had, via the Stanleys, strong connections with the Island. Many Manx families resided in Liverpool at this time, but retained their links with the Island (eg. marriages on the Island and burials in family churchyards). Liverpool was a major maritime port and sailors, sailmakers, carpenters etc were in strong demand and many Manx went to Liverpool in search of work, and many settled there - though Manx did tend to marry Manx. Liverpool was also a central port for slaver ships at this time and quite a few of these slavers were run by Manx captains (eg. Crow). After 1830 there was a regular steam packet from Douglas to Liverpool, so communications with the Isle of Man became easier.

In June 1832 Robert, Annie and their young family sailed for the Colony of New South Wales in the Brig 'Sarah'. it was when the Moughtins were booking their passage to Australia that their name was recorded as Morton and, ever since, the family have retained that spelling.

The Mortons arrived in Sydney on 29 October 1832, after five months at sea. Robert very quickly established himself as a Tailor in the town of Parramatta.Annie died less than 3 years after their arrival in Australia. Robert later married a Catherine Griffiths, having a child with her in 1843. In1842 Roberrt was named as a creditor in the bankruptcy of ex-convict schoolmaster James Bradley (transported for forgery in 1813). Robert was owed 7 pound 18 shillings and 4 pence by Bradley.

Robert died in Albury in 1872, where he had been living with his son Robert for some years.

For further details on the Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Moughtin go to Scott Brown's web page "Convicts, Characters and Cads"

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