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All Roads lead to Waverley
The life of James William Taylor
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James Thomas Taylor was born 11th October 1829 in Liverpool England. He was the son of James and Harriet Taylor nee Lister. James Snr and his family arrived in Sydney aboard the Thomas Lowry on the 15th June 1840, when James Thomas was 11 years old.

James Taylor Snr. appears on many early listings and directories:
1841 Leasor of 74 Newland St (Lot 3) Waverley (Land Deed 1st Feb)
1844 Leasor of adjoining land (Lot 1) Newland St Waverley...Deed.
1851 Gardener Waverley. Fords Sydney Directory.
1856 Freehold Waverley. Electoral Roll.

At the time of his marriage (1852) he was living at Waverley. He married Anges Smith born 1834 in Jedburgh Scotland. Agnes was the youngest child of William and Janet Smith nee Gowanlock. William and his family arrived in Sydney on board the Hero of Molown (also known as Hero) on 24th April 1839, baby Anges being 5yrs old. The Hero of Molown sailed from Liverpool England on the 20th November 1838, via India and Batavia bound for Sydney with a Cargo of 211 bounty immigrants under the control of Master Grundy. Agnes was also the sister of Waverley's pioneer businessman and councilman. He was a Tailor whose place of business was at 279/281 George St Sydney. He lived at "Roxburgh" Waverley St Waverley.

James and Anges married on the 7th June 1852 at St Andrews Scot Church Sydney. Anges was living between both Canterbury and Waverley, both suburbs of Sydney. Witness to the marriage was Anges's brother and sister William and Ann also her Brother-in-law John Barnett. They settled at Waverley where James continued with his occupation of Cabinetmaker, living at the Taylor House in Newland Street Waverley. This property was James Thomas Senior in 1842 and stayed in the hands of the Taylor family until 1966.

Some time between 1860 and 1861 James and Agnes moved to Adelong NSW. Travelling by horse and cart???? With two young children and their household and personal belongings. A trip from Sydney to Adelong by horse and cart - a journey which I'm glad I didn't participate in. Anges had given birth to three sons:
William James Taylor b. 1854 Sydney
James Frederick Taylor b. 1855 Sydney
Robert Taylor b 1858 Waverley. d. 1860 Waverley

The first settlement in Adelong was in 1852. Gold was discovered in 1852-1854. A rush to Adelong followed in 1855. With a population of 20,000 in the 1860's. People had come from all over the world seeking their fortune on the Gold Fields. It has been suggested that Adelong is an Aboriginal derivation from 'Along the way' yet other sources have the meaning of Adelong as 'River on a Plain'. By 1861, 7.5% of NSW population was living in tents mostly on Gold Fields, half of the tent dwellers being Chinese and Adelong was considered a mining town of some importance.

James and Agnes's first daughter was born 28th March 1861 at Adelong. Harriet Victoria Taylor's birth was registered in Tumut by a Mr Edward Gould at the request of her parents. The registration took place 9th April 1861. James and agnes has six more children all born at Adelong.

Joseph Taylor b. 1864.
Mary Lister Taylor b. 1866.
John Thomas Taylor b. 1867.
Thomas Taylor b. 12 Dec 1869
Janet (Jennie) Taylor b. 1872
Annie Agnes Taylor b. 1877
The family was now complete with 6 boys and three girls.

By the 1870's a permanent town had been laid out in Adelong. Its first Bootmaker was s James Taylor whose store was in Camp St Adelong, said to be at the bottom of Camp St. However W.G.Cresser was a bootmaker in Tumut St in 1872. (Taken from List of Adelong Residents of 1872 - in which no Taylors appear???).

 Some time after the birth of Annie Agnes (1877) the Taylors returned to Waverley. James Thomas Taylor and his family does not appear on the 1880 Sands Sydney Directory but where living back in Newland St Waverley when their grandaughter Maude Dunn was born in Jan 1892.

Property owned by the Taylors:
Land deeds of 74 Newland St Waverley
Show letter of Administration for the property ..undated., then - Disentailing deed dated 10th November 1897 made between James Thomas Taylor of and part and Henry George Franklyn of the other part.
Conveyance dated 18th April 1899 Martha George Charman and others to James Thomas Taylor. Mortgage dated 20th January 1913 James Thomas Taylor to Henry Charles Brown. Will of Henry Charles Brown. Mortgage from the said James Thomas Brown to Honoria Brown 3rd July 1917. Mortgage discharge in August 1917.

Why did James mortgage his property???

Rate Records on land - allotment no's 70,72,74,76,78 Newland St.
1887 3 houses or land Rates paid by James Taylor.
1890 3 houses or land Rates paid by James Taylor.
1900 4 houses or land Rates paid by Anne Taylor.
1915 4/5 houses or land Rates paid by James/Anne Taylor. No. 74 Valued at 650 pounds.
1923 5 houses or land Rates Paid by Agnes Taylor. No. 74 Valued at 800 pounds.

No. 74 was called Adelong, but some records also refer to it as Gowanlock

1903 Electoral Roll.. Commonwealth. Division of Wentworth.
Gives us the following information. Address as found !!!
Agnes Taylor 76 Newland St Domestic Duties.
Annie Agnes Taylor 76 Newland St Domestic Duties
James Thomas Taylor Newland St Independent Means.
Janet Taylor 176 Newland St Dressmaker.

James Thomas Taylor died 21st May 1918 at the ripe old age of 89yrs old at Waverley. He is buried at Waverley cemetery in Grave No. 2033, General Selection, Section 9. His wife Agnes Taylor nee Smith lived to be 98yrs old. She died at the Taylor house at 74 Newland St. Waverley on 12th May 1932, buried at Waverley Cemetery the following day beside her husband James.

Pedigree Chart showing Taylor connection to Dunn Family of today

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