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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St Thomas' Cemetery, Nth Sydney, NSW
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Surname Given Names Date/Inscription Age
BABER Lucy Eulielia B.24 April 1844, d.19 April 1905, Wife of Rev. Charles Baber, born Goring-on-Thames, died at Sydney. 61y
BABER Charles B.15 June 1830, d.7 August 1911, Rev., Husband of Lucy Eulielia Baber, born Chelvey, England. 81y
BADHAM William B. B.4 March 1871, d.29 October 1871. 9m
BADHAM Charles 27 February 1884. 70y
BADHAM Edith Annesley 17 May 1920. 66y
BADHAM Margaret G. 30 July 1888. 26y
BADHAM George C. 27 May 1889. 24y
BADHAM Lewis Barrett Lennard 21 December 1890. 30y
BAILEFF John Bell 1 June 1869, Col. Sgt. 80th Regt., husband of Mary Ann. 59y
BAILEFF Mary Ann 14 August 1904, Wife of John Bell Baileff 84y
BAILEFF James Aucland Bell 16 May 1889, Youngest son of John Bell & Mary Ann Baileff. 27y
BAINBRIGGE Sarah 5 March 1881, Wife of late Capt. Thomas Bainbrigge, H.M. 57th Regt of foot. 72y
BAKER William F. 8 May 1899, Husband of Sarah Ann Baker. 59y
BAKER Sarah Ann 2 October 1900, Wife of William F. Baker. 69y
BARLOW Eliza Ann 12 June 1860. 60y
BARNABY George 20 September 1852, Drummer-boy of marines of H.M.S. Fantome. 30y
BARNES Robert 19 July 1935, "Our Father," Late A.I.F., husband of Kate Barnes. ?
BARNES Kate 27 June 1909, "Our Mother," Wife of Robert Barnes. 42y
BARNES Helena 19 November 1897. 27y
BARNES Nellie Elsie 24 June 1908. 7m
BARNETT George 10 April 1905. 72y
BARNETT Eliza Emma 17 October 1927. 90y
BARNETT Eliza Charlotte 17 April 1926. 69y
BARNETT William James 14 September 1888. Late of Belfast, died at "Rathwyre" St. Leonards. "Erected by personal friends who knew his worth." 51y
BARNEY R. E. T., Lt. Cnl. 16 April 1862, Husband of Portia Henriatte Barney. ?
BARNEY Portia Henrietta 26 January 1883, Wife of R. E. Barney. ?
BARNEY Maria Moreton 18 May 1926, Widow of G. H. Barney, younger daughter of W. B. Clarke, M.A. 86y
BARR Hugh 7 April 1894, Born Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland. 32y
BARRETT S. M. 20 August 1900. 76y
BARRETT Christina B.25 April 1843, d.10 October 1893. 50y
BARRINGTON Frederick A. 8 October 1901, Husband of Rosalie Barrington. 47y
BARRINGTON Rosalie 22 July 1936, Wife of Frederick A. Barrington. 81y
BARTLETT Alice Louisa 4 December 1902, Wife of John Bartlett. 35y
BARTLETT John 4 November 1929, Husband of Alice Louisa Bartlett. 68y
BARTON Elizabeth 15 September 1881, Wife of David Harris Barton. 48y
BARTON David Harris 17 May 1908, Husband of Elizabeth Barton. 77y
BARTON Gertrude 3 December 1928, 3rd daughter of David Harris & Elizabeth Barton. ?
BATE Mary Jane 4 October 1898, Wife of J. H. Bate. 40y
BATE Hilda May 4 November 1898. 2m
BATTYE E. M. Capt. 12 July 1898, Late 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, died North Sydney, Husband of Katherine Battye. 82y
BATTYE Katherine 8 November 1900, Wife of Capt. E. M. Battye. 79y
BATTYE Montague 26 November 1900, Eldest son of Capt. E. M. & Katerine Battye. 59y
BAYLEY George 13 May 1878, Youngest son of Marshall & Annie Bayley of Milson's Point. 7y
BAYLY Hannah Ann 22 March 1878, Wife of late Henry Bayly of Beudesert, Mudgee. 63y
BEALL Henry Clarke 18 April 1891. ?
BEANEY Mary Jane 10 January 1884. Wife of Spencer Beaney of Kent England. 56y
BEANEY Spencer 18 July 1894. Husband of Mary Jane Beaney. 62y
BEANEY George 9 May 1885. Husband of Hannah Beaney. Born Icklesham, Sussex, England. Died at St. Leonards, Sydney. 77y
BEANEY Hannah 2 June 1838. Wife of George Beaney. Born Sussex, England, died and buried at sea. 26y
BEANEY Mary 29 May 1866. Wife of George Beaney. Born Sussex, England, died & buried at Sydney. 71y
BEARD Maud Alice 10 November 1896, Wife of Albert William Beard. 53y
BEARD Albert William 26 February 1907, Husband of Maud Alice Beard. 75y
BEATTY James John Macartney 19 April 1886, M.A., Ll.D., erected by his widow Isabel Bremer Beatty. 44y
BEATTY Isabel Bremer 26 April 1914, Wife of James John Macartney Beatty. ?
BEATTY James M. 10 October 1891, Husband of Augusta E. E. Beatty. ?
BEATTY Augusta E. E. 24 May 1907, Widow of James M. Beatty. ?
BEATTY Elizabeth 22 December 1885, Wife of J. D. Beatty. 26y
BECK Peter 24 October 1887, Husband of Emma Beck. 35y 10m
BEDWELL Serena 11 February 1883. Wife of Alfred Bedwell. 25y
BEDWELL Sarah 8 December 1923. Wife of Joseph Bedwell. 75y
BELL Jacob B.6 January 1862, d.20 May 1876. 14y
BELL Deborah B.11 May 1858, d.2 August 1877. 19y
BELL Gertrude Lindsay 30 March 1909, Wife of Harold Bell, Daughter of late Robert H. Mathews. ?
BELL George Allan B.22 July 1800, d.17 December 1881, Born Fife, Scotland, Died Lathallan, North Sydney. Husband of Mary Nesbet Bell. 81y
BELL Mary Nesbet B.1812, d.26 November 1881, Wife of George Allan Bell. Born Dunse, Scotland, died Lathallan, North Sydney. 69y
BELL Allan Douglas 14 May 1902, Eldest son of George Allan & Mary Nesbet Bell. 62y
BELL Nesbet 1 December 1919. 69y
BELLETT Henry Denham 11 July 1917, Husband of Harriet Margaret Bellett. 80y
BELLETT Harriet Margaret 15 January 1925, Wife of Capt. Henry Denham Bellett. 87y
BENNET Eliza J. 24 May 1894, Wife of Andrew Bennet. 42y
BENNETT Sarah 5 August 1856, Wife of James Bennett, (Bennett to Boatman.) 27y
BENNETT William Christopher 29 September 1889, M.I.L.E., Commissioner & Engineer-in-Charge for Roads and Bridges. 65y
BENSON Jessie Arcadia 22 November 1894. 2m
BENSON Blanche Annie 16 November 1897, Wife of H. C. Benson. 36y
BENT Ellis 10 November 1818. Judge Advocate 1810-1815. 31y
BENTFIELD George Rupert B.1 February 1890, d.20 February 1934. Son of George Albert Bentfield. 44y
BENTFIELD George Albert B.17 September 1866, d.30 April 1940, Father of George Rupert Bentfield. 74y
BENTFIELD Elsie Mary B.3 November 1870, d.14 June 1950. 80y
BERRY Elizabeth 11 April 1845, Wife of Alexander Berry, Member of Council. 63y
BERRY Alexander 17 September 1873, Husband of ElizabethBerry. 92y
BERRYHILL Leila Folger 16 June 1897. ?
BEST Thomas W. 13 September 1899, Husband of Elizabeth Best. 65y
BEST Elizabeth 28 July 1924, Wife of Thomas W. Best. 78y
BEYERS L. M. A. B. Hill End, 6 October 1874, d.6 August 1883. 9y
BEYERS Mary B. Bathurst 11 January 1850, d.31 March 1883. 33y
BEZER Henry 31 March 1897, of Warminster, England. Husband of Hannah Bezer. A resident of the North Shore for over fifty years. 82y
BEZER Hannah 26 September 1902, Widow of Henry Bezer. 70y
BEZER Mary Ann 13 April 1862, Eldest daughter of Henry & Hannah Bezer. 5y 9m
BEZER William Henry B.23 September 1859 at Blue's Point, North Sydney, d.24 August 1929, at Northbridge, Sydney. 70y
BIRCHELL Charles 13 July 1885, Native of Wales, Husband of Elizabeth Birchell. Drowned at Milson's Point. 33y
BIRKMYRE William 12 August 1848, Esq., late of Hobart Town, merchant. 28y
BLAIN Alleyne J. E. M. ? ?
BLIGH Henry Hocken 30 July 1904, Born Cornwall, England, died North Sydney. 78y
BLOODWORTH Maria B.27 August 1796, d.19 May 1895, Widow of James Bloodworth of O'Connell St., Sydney. 99y
BLUE John 13 June 1863, Father of Amelia Georgina Blue. 28y
BLUE Amelia Georgina 31 March 1863, Daughter of John Blue. ?
BLUE Ann 6 January 1866, Wife of John Blue snr. 49y
BLUE William 26 December 1868. 21y
BLUE Catherine 1 February 1868, Relict of John Blue jnr. ?
BLUE Stephen Robert 12 July 1880. ?
BLUE Ellen Elizabeth B.29 December 1839, d.28 July 1880. 41y
BLUE John B.4 July 1815, 24 August 1891. Born Circular Quay, Sydney. 76y
BLUE Matilda 2 November 1883. 28y
BOAKE Barcroft Henry B.26 March 1866, d.2n May 1892. 26y
BODE George Charles B.22 September 1827, d.4 February 1880, Husband of Sarah Jane Cox. Late incumbent of St. Thomas's, Willoughby. 53y
BODE George Arthur Francis 15 November 1933, Son of George Charles Bode & Sarah Jane Cox. 61y
BORIG Alice Catherine 17 February 1880, Dauhter of George & Mary Borig. 10w
BORIG Mary Jane 5 October 1887, Wife of H.J. Borig and daughter of late Henry Peddelsden, also her infant daughter. ?
BOURNE Charles 4 February 1896, Husband of Katie J. Bourne. Fallen monument in same enclosure. 39y
BOWDEN Thomas 6 December 1884. 75y
BOWDEN Hannah 30 March 1905, "Our Mother", Wife of Thomas Bowden. 79y
BOWEN Kate Elizabeth 30 June 1881. 31y
BOWEN Alice Mary 3 December 1939, Eldest daughter of G.B. & C.L. Bowen. 65y
BOWEN Letitia 5 July 1901, Wife of G.M.C. Bowen. 86y
BOWEN George Bartley 25 October 1919. 75y
BOWEN Catherine Leonora 19 August 1935, Wife of George Bartley Bowen. 80y
BOWEN George Meares Countess 1 September 1889. 86y
BOWEN Marguerite Madeline B.19 August 1888, d.24 May 1896. 8y
BOWEN Agnes Meuds Ley 1 November 1946, Wife of Robert Bartley Bowen. ?
BOWEN Robert Bartley 13 August 1950, Husband of Agnes Meuds Ley Bowen 71y
BOYDELL Charles Arnold B.14 September 1884, d.12 May 1885. 2nd son of Charles Broughton & Madeline Rose Boydell. 8m
BOYS Daniel Edward 14 December 1890. Youngest son of Edward & Harriet Boys of Carlisle, Cumberland, England. 25y
BRADLEY Surrey Houghton 31 July 1903, 2nd Son of Henry Houghton & Isabella Burton Bradley. ?
BRADLEY Henry Houghton Burton 23 November 1918, Husband of Isabella. 73y
BRADLEY Isabella 15 April 1929, Wife of Henry Houghton Burton. ?
BRADLEY Robert Frowett B.24 August 1852, d.28 February 1882. 30y
BRADLEY Robert Spedding 16 March 1911, Son of Robert Frowett Bradley. 30y
BRADLEY Ruth 6 November 1881, Daughter of Henry Houghton & Isabella Burton Bradley. 11m
BRADLEY June Burton 6 December 1915, Infant daughter of Clem & Edith Burton Bradley. ?
BRAINWOOD John 3 September 1889, Husband of Sarah Ann Brainwood. 53y
BRAINWOOD Sarah Ann 13 June 1901, Wife of John Brainwood. 57y
BRAY Maria 26 August 1909, Mother of Frank Ernest Bray 76y
BRAY Frank Ernest 13 November 1928, Husband of Lelah Edith Bray. 59y
BRAY Janet 8 November 1878, Wife of James S. Bray, Daughter of John & Jane Muston. 28y
BRAY John M. 31 August 1875, son of James S. & Janet Bray. 3y 10m
BREILLAT Thomas Challis 4 February 1902. ?
BRIDGES Peter 13 December 1877, at Milson's Point. 69y
BRIDGMAN William 2 September 1892, Husband of Elizabeth Bridgman. 46y
BRINDLEY Robert Neville 23 October 1915, Son of J. R. & F. E. Brindley. 3m 2w
BRINDLEY Brian Milton 30 September 1926, Son of J. R. & F. E. Brindley. 2y 7m
BRINDLEY Margaret 7 February 1929, Wife of J. P. Brindley. 75y
BRINDLEY John Pellatt 28 August 1932, Husband of Margaret Brindley. 83y
BRINDLEY Florence Ella 3 June 1940, Sister of Jessie Muriel Newell 61y
BRINDLEY Ada Florence 26 January 1881. Wife of Robert C. Brindley. 28y
BRINDLEY Robert C. 1 July 1896. Husband of Ada Florence Brindley. 48y 5m
BRINDLEY Annie A. 21 May 1927. 73y
BROARDHURST W. Edwin 26 May 1890, Late of Southport England, died at "Blatchley", Milson's Point. 53y
BROMLEY George Edward 3 September 1880. 32y
BROOKES Caroline 26 April 1933. "Our Mother." 86y
BROOKS John 19 September 1898, Husband of Louisa Brooks. 61y 5m
BROOKS Louisa 29 July 1926, Wife of John Brooks. 83y 6m
BROOKS Ann Capper 28 February 1909. 78y
BROOKS Thomas B.2 May 1798, d.27 May 1883. Born Shoreditch, London. Husband of Rachael Martha Brooks. Late of H. M. Customs, Sydney. 85y
BROOKS Rachael Martha B.1803, d.1 September 1883. Wife of Thomas Brooks. 80y
BROTHERS George 14 April 1908. Son of James & Selina Brothers. 12y
BROWN H. B. 28 May 1852, Footstone "H. B. 1852", Register states Harriet Brown, daughter of Charles Brown, boatman. 9d
BROWN Winifred Gladys 21 July 1904. 16y
BROWN Frances Enid 13 November 1914. 26y
BROWN Robert Darling 29 October 1894, Husband of Rose Brown. 37y
BROWN Eleanor M. ? ?
BROWN James A. ? ?
BROWN Elizabeth Henrietta 14 February 1908. Wife of John Hall Brown. 67y
BROWN John Hall 24 February 1909. Husband of Elizabeth Henrietta. 71y
BROWN Matilda 28 May 1884. Relict of late M. Brown. 68y
BROWNE Agnes Anna 6 August 1895, Wife of G. E. Browne. 37y
BROWNE Edith 27 September 1896, Daughter of G. E. & Agne Anna Browne. 13y 6m
BROWNE George E. 24-27 August 1903, Husband of Agnes Anna Browne. 55y
BROWNE Gertrude Martin 3 July 1924, Daughter of G. E. & C. M. Browne. 1d
BRUCE Robert Roy 23 October 1884, Died at St. Leonards. Son of Robert & Sarah Bruce 2y 7m
BRUCE Harold Robert 12 July 1880, Died at Bathurst. Son of Robert & Sarah Bruce. 25d
BRUCE Robert 5 July 1889, Husband of Sarah Eliza Bruce. 54y
BRUCE Sarah Eliza 25 March 1910, Wife of Robert Bruce. 57y
BRYCE Fanny J. E. 28 December 1881, Grand-daughter of Peter Bridges, daughter of late Capt. Robert Bryce. Died at Milson's Point. 12y 11m
BRYCE Robert, Capt. 20 October 1873, drowned at Cheefee, China. 42y
BRYCE Jane Edmonds 24 May 1894, "Our Mother," Died "Dalmernock," Neutral Bay. ?
BUCHANAN Victor Thomas B.24 May ?, d.1 October 1865, Stone Broken. 9y 4m 7d
BUCHANAN Charles 6 April 1867. 45y
BULL Charles 22 October 1851, Gunner's Mate of H.M.S. Calliope. 32y
BULLIVANT William Noal (sic) 5 February 1883, "My Uncle." 47y
BULLIVANT Maurice Charles 12 March 1870, Husband of Annie Bullivant, Leaving a widow & eight children. 42y
BULLIVANT Annie 28 March 1901, Wife of Maurice Charles BBullivant. 75y
BULLIVANT Maria 7 November 1869, "Mother." 78y
BULLOCK John, snr. 30 August 1865, Husband of Martha Bullock. 54y
BULLOCK Martha 2 June 1868, Wife of John Bullock, snr. 58y
BULLOCK Charles D. 11 August 1884, Son of John snr & Martha Bullock. ?
BULLOCK Maria Jane 28 September 1864. Mother of John G. Bullock. 25y 6m
BULLOCK John G. 16 December 1888, Son of Maria Jane Bullock. 24y
BULLOCK John James 28 August 1907. 72y
BURN Edward 28 November 1853, Native of North Shields. 62y
BURNEY Constance 9 July 1907. 76y
BURNS Alfred Ernest 2 July 1907, Killed by lift, Wynyand Building. 29y
BURSILL Thomas 7 July 1892. Late of Brentford, Middlesex, England. Husband of Sarah Bursill. 54y
BURSILL Sarah 23 October 1913. Wife of Thomas Bursill. 83y
BUTLER Vienna 12 March 1898. ?
BUTLER John 5 April 1867, Husband of Harriet Butler. 45y
BUTLER Harriet 28 July 1885, Wife of John Butler. 67y
BUTLER John, Capt. 3 June 1899. Husband of Rosanna Butler. 51y
BUTLER Rosanna 22 September 1921, Wife of Capt. John Butler. 72y

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