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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St Thomas' Cemetery, Nth Sydney, NSW
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G. H. G. ? 1856, Footstone only. ?
GADEN Isabel Cecilia B.17 June1861, d.30 July 1904. 43y
GARD John 29 June 1881. ?
GARD Jessie 26 April 1878, "Our dear wee Jessie." ?
GARD Mary 31 October 1895. ?
GARDNER John 10 June 1894, Husband of Caroline Gardner. 72y
GARDNER Caroline 1 September 1920, Wife of John Gardner. 86y
GARFORTH Sophia Leonard 21 January 1928, "Our Mother," 84y
GARRARD Percy William 24 May 1901, Son of W. P. & N. Garrad. 8m
GARRARD Clifford 7 December 1897, Only son of William & Nellie Garrard. 5y 6m
GARRETT Richard 28 July 1864. 73y
GATE Ronald Carlisle 21 October 1893, 4th son of Isaac & Sarah Gate. 10m
GATE Sarah 28 September 1933, Wife of Isaac Gate. 85y
GATES John 26 February 1880. 2d
GATES Charles 26 February 1880. 2d
GATES Alice Maude Henderson B.20 August 1884, d.3 January 1886, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth M. A. Gates. 1y 4m
GATES Verdi May 13 June 1887, 2nd daughter of Charles & Elizabeth M. A. Gates. 4y 4m
GATES Elizabeth Mary Ann 19 April 1891, Wife of Charles Gates. 33y
GEE Elizabeth Ann 27 August 1901, "Our Mother." 71y
GERRARD George E. 6 February 1872. 2y 9m
GERRARD Ida Myra 7 January 1886. 2y 3m
GERRARD Elizabeth May 2 June 1888. 42y
GERRARD George Thomas 28 August 1888. 40y
GERRARD Elizabeth 22 November 1888. 65y
GIBBES Minto 17 March 1850. 1y
GIBBINGS Jessie 20 November 1897, Wife of Robert A. Combermere Gibbings. 32y
GIBLETT May 9 September 1893. 4m
GIBLIN Vincent Wandstrocht 15 May 1881, Husband of Jane Isabella Giblin, General Manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, 1868-1881. 67y
GIBLIN Lucy Lempriere 16 August 1890, 2nd daughter of Vincent W. & Jane I. Giblin. 41y
GIBLIN Jane Isabella 29 May 1905, Wife of Vincent W. Giblin. 85y
GIBLIN Marion Maud 15 May 1908, Youngest daughter of Vincent W. & Jane I. Giblin. ?
GIBSON William Frederick 29 April 1878, Husband of Eleanor Anne Gibson. 52y
GIBSON Eleanor Anne 17 October 1898, Wife of William Frederick Gibson. 73y
GILBERT Arthur Follett 2 June 1888, From Christ Church, St. Leonards. 34y
GILFILLAN Henry 25 June 1902. ?
GILFILLAN Margaret Fraser 16 May 1914. ?
GILFILLAN Robert 17 July 1909. ?
GILFILLAN Roy Dunsmure 23 June 1915. Grandson of John Dunsmure of Wardie, Mosman, died on a transport at sea. 25y
GILFILLAN Emily Stewart 12 May 1924. 6th Daughter of John Dunsmure and mother of Emily Stewart Gilfillan. ?
GILHATT Frederick John 12 June 1870, Husband of Annie Gilhatt, leaving a wife and five children. 43y
GLOVER Mary 6 April 1877. 8y 8m
GLOVER Jane 5 September 1891, Wife of James Glover, "Our Mother." 48y
GLOVER Charles James 8 November 1941, Son of Jane Glover. 69y
GLOVER Ernest T.J. 16 August 1950, Son of Jane Glover, husband of Helen Glover. 83y
GLOVER Helen 23 October 1916, Wife of Ernest T.J. Glover. 49y
GLOVER Marey, Mrs. 11 April 1834, Wife of Thomas Glover. 41y
GLOVER Thomas 8 March 1836, Husband of Marey Glover. 41y
GLOVER James Thomas 25 July 1856, Grandson of Thomas & Marey Glover. 1m 21d
GLOVER Ellen 2 March 1859, Wife of James Glover of North Shore. 22y
GLOVER Mary M. Sarah 2 May 1874, Daughter of John & Ellen Glover, and Grand daughter of Thomas & Marey Glover. 10y
GLOVER James 2 January 1874, Son of Thomas & Marey Glover. 50y
GLOVER John 1 September 1897. Top missing. 74y
GODDARD Edward Kerby 23 October 1879. 34y
GODDARD Jane Janson 18 February 1890. 67y
GODDARD Edward 25 July 1885. 67y
GODDARD Mary Mitford 3 June 1909. ?
GODDARD William Cornelius 3 Januray 1920. ?
GOING Sarah Jes? 26 January 1853, Daughter of Philip Going R.N. of H.M.S. Cal?, and his wife, Sarah Park Going. Stone crumbling. 8m
GOODE Emily 23 September 1886. S.B.
GOODENOUGH James Graham B.5 December 1830, d.20 August 1875. R.N., C.B., C.M.G., Captain & Commodore 2nd Class, commanding the Australian Station. Born Guildford, Surrey, died at sea, on board H.M.S. Pearl, from arrow wounds received on 12th August 1875 at Carlisle Bay, Island of Santa Cruz, where he was visiting for the purpose of establishing friendly relations with the natives, not knowing what they did, killed their best friend. He sailed away to die, refusing to allow a single life to be taken in retaliation.Monument erected by his wife and officers and crew of H.M.S. Pearl. 45y
GOODENOUGH Victoria H. 29 January 1917. ?
GOODFELLOW Caroline 30 October 1896, Mother of Ada & Elkiza Goodfellow. 67y
GOODFELLOW Eliza 14 April 1937, Daughter of Caroline Goodfellow. ?
GOODFELLOW Ada 6 April 1919, Daughter of Caroline Goodfellow. ?
GOODFELLOW Elizabeth F. 2 January 1946. ?
GORDON James 8 May 1854. 48y
GORDON Isabella Christina B.7 August 1832, d.18 August 1904, Wife of Charles Edward Gordon. 72y
GORDON Charles Edward B.14 April 1835, d.2 July 1911, Seventh Baronet of Earlston Scotland, husband of Isabella Christina Gordon. 77y
GORDON Helen 22 April 1887, Daughter of James & Flora Gordon of Lochinvar, North Queensland. 1y
GOSLING Jane 28 May 1881, For many years a faithful & valued servant of Col. Roberts family, b.Bourton, Berkshire. 70y
GOUDY William 2 April 1869, Husband of Elizabeth Mary Goudy. Died at Tenterfield, New England. 39y
GOUDY Elizabeth Mary 18 November 1879, 2nd daughter of William & Elizabeth Mary Goudy. Died at St. Leonards. 26y
GOUDY Elizabeth Mary B.15 September 1816, d.7 May 1908. Wife of William Goudy. 92y
GOULDING Ellen 1868-1945, "Our Mother." 77y
GOULDING R. G. 28 April 1895. 3m
GOULDING W. H. 29 April 1895. 3m 1d
GOULDING Eugene 15 December 1892. Husband of Pauline Goulding. 60y
GOWLAND Violet B.10 February 1878, d.16 January 1890, Daughter of Frederick W. & Augusta Gowland. 12y
GOWLAND John Thomas Ewing B.10 July 1838, d.14 August 1874, Born Leysdown, Kent, Drowned off Dobroyd Point, North Harbour. 36y
GRADDON William 31 March 1851. 65y
GRAINGER Horace 1 April 1898. ?
GRAINGER George Dennett 20 August 1894. ?
GRANT Margaret Helena 18 October 1889. Wife of William Grant. Mother of Sydney L. S. Grant. 26y
GRANT Sydney L. S. 26 July 1890. Son of William & margaret Helena Grant. 10m
GRAY Alfred William 22 June 1897. "Our Son." 25y
GRAY Annie Christina 16 December 1900, Wife of Alfred Gray. 55y
GRAY Alfred 23 May 1910, Husband of Annie Christina. 71y
GREEN Catherine May 27 March 1894. 3y 3m
GREEN Henry Thomas 14 March 1909, "Our Father," "In death United." 75y
GREETHEAD Arthur Henry 19 December 1897, Son of Henry & Alice Greethead, accidentally drowned. 11y
GREGORY G. P. F. 19 September 1851, First prothonotary, Supreme Court, Sydney. 61y
GREVILLE William Charles 4 April 1891, Late of Bathurst. 64y
GRUPPE Frederick Charles B.9 December 1859, d.20 December 1862, Son of Frederick Charles & Anna Katharina Gruppe, formerly of Germany. 2y 1m
GRUPPE Frederick Charles B.3 October 1824, d.11 November 1878. 54y
GUISE Constance Edith 12 November 1878, wife of William James Guise. ?
GUISE Elizabeth Charlotte 20 June 1855, Wife of John W. Guise. 19y 6m
GUISE Edward 11 June 1855, Son of Elizabeth Charlotte and John W. Guise. 7w
GUISE John William Ward 21 November 1894, Husband of Mary Ann. 74y
GUISE Mary Ann 6 July 1900, wife of John William Ward Guise. 63y
GUISE William James 17 April 1900, Husband of Jessy M. Guise. 46y
GUISE William Edward 30 June 1922, Eldest son of William James & Jessy M. Guise. 40y 9m
GUISE Jessy M. 6 September 1937, Wife of William James Guise. 75y
GUISE Arthur James 9 August 1926, Son of James & Edith Guise. ?
GUISE Elizabeth 14 March 1928, Wife of Frank Guise. ?
GURNEY Mary Phoebe B.13 June 1873, d.23 April 1876, Daughter of Rev. George Gurney. 3y

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