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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St Thomas' Cemetery, Nth Sydney, NSW
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SANDERSON Henry 14 May 1868, Husband of Charlotte. 52y
SANDERSON Charlotte 17 October 1876, Wife of Henry Sanderson. 63y
SANDY Vera Willoughby 20 October 1882, Daughter of James Montague & Evaline Martha Sandy. 5m
SANSOM John Charles 23 June 1886. Of Northampton, England. Stone erected by his friends. 36y
SATCHELL Edith 25 September 1898, Only daughter of H. T. & Lizzie Satchell. 18y
SAYERS William Henry 1 December 1851, Son of E. M. & M. A. Sayers. 14m
SAYERS Phebe Tilney 27 April 1824, Daughter of E. M. & M. A. Sayers. 8y
SAYERS Ernest George 19 January 1883, Son of E. M. & M. A. Sayers 27y
SAYERS Edwin Mawney 7 December 1909, Husband of Mary Ann Sayers. 90y
SAYERS Mary Ann B.3 October 1818, d.11 October 1890, Wife of Edwin Mawney Sayers. 72y
SAYERS Marian Tilney 4 June 1943. 82y
SAYERS Clara March 1910. 71y
SAYERS Maria 15 May 1920. 79y
SCARR Frank B.1 May 1845, d.22 February 1905. 60y
SCHOLFIELD John 21 July 1883, Son-in-law of George J. & Susan Lavender. 48y
SCHOLFIELD Charles A. B. 11 April 1893, Grand-son of George J. & Susan Lavender. 31y
SCHOLFIELD Susannah Ann 18 September 1908, Daughter of George J. & Susan Lavender. 67y
SCOTT D. C. F., Capt. 16 May 1881, Bombay Light Cavalry, died at Lisgar. ?
SCOTT Edward Frederick 31 March 1871. ?
SCOTT George Mitchell 30 September 1850. 8y 8m
SCOTT Maria Jane 30 April 1899, Died at Lisgar, Wife of D. C. F. Scott. ?
SCOTT Mary Louisa 13 December 1864, Daughter of late James Pashley. 34y
SCOTT John 5 August 1858, Late of Cabramatta Steam Saw Mills, 4th son of late Robert Scott Esq., of Balwylls, Forfarshire, N.B. 27y
SCOTT Walter Malcolm 3 May 1898, Husband of Rosa Scott. 67y
SCOTT Rosa 20 August 1932, Wife of Walter Malcolm Scott. ?
SCOTT William 11 Niovember 1900. 2nd son of late Hopton Scott of Hobart, Died at North Sydney. 90y
SCOTT Martha Matilda 15 December 1885. Wife of Lyall Scott. 41y
SCOTT Lyall 3 April 1887. Husband of Martha Matilda Scott. 52y
SCOTT Charles Lyall 3 March 1907. "Dickie", Son of Lyall & Martha Matilda Scott. 36y
SCROGGIE Adrian H. 2 July 1969. 19m
SELDON Sarah Ann Frances 18 January 1883. 51y
SELDON Richard 30 April 1885. 68y
SELDON Matilda A. 29 November 1924, Daughter of Richard Seldon. ?
SENIOR Harriett E. D. B. St. Leonards 27 January 1873, d.17 February 1901. 28y
SENIOR Arthur Hastings William B.5 February 1858, d.1 January 1886. Born England. 28y
SENIOR George 12 May 1918, Husband of Emma Sarah Senior, "Our Father," Born Liverpool England, Late of Mosman, Sydney. 75y
SENIOR Emma Sarah 4 December 1919, Wife of George Senior, "Our Mother," 72y
SENIOR George Sacheverel 7-12 August 1915, (Chev), "Our Brother," Son of George & Emma Sarah Senior, K.I.A. "Lone Pine." 30y
SEWELL Augustus William B.8 February 1885, d.28 April 1915, Son of William & Alice Sewell, Grandson of William Charles Greville.Sgt., 13th Battalion, 4th Infantry Brigade, A.I.F., K.I.A. Gallipoli. 30y
SEYMOUR Annie 25 November 1887, Wife of E. B. Seymour. 38y
SEYMOUR Edward 17 August 1912, Son of Rev. D. B. Seymour, M.A., T.C.D., King's County Ireland. ?
SHADLER Otto 14 April 1896. 29y
SHAIRP Sophia Frances B.15 February 1832, d.9 March 1883. 1y 1m
SHAIRP William 26 November 1847. 49y
SHAIRP Sophia 9 December 1877. 63y
SHANNON Charles Segison 8 February 1881. 44y
SHANNON Neil 8 August 1895, Husband of Louisa Carruthers Shannon. Drowned in wreck of S.S. Catterthun. 44y
SHANNON Louisa Carruthers 12 July 1897, Wife of Neil Shannon 42y
SHANNON Archibald Watt 6 May 1893, Infant son of Neil & Louisa Carruthers Shannon. ?
SHARP Alfred 23 April 1889. 21y
SHARP Percival John 1887-1921. Sometime of the Bush Brotherhood, Dubbo, and of St. Thomas Church, North Sydney. 34y
SHARWOOD Laughton 18 January 1864, Youngest son of Samuel Sharwood of Ramsgate, England. 45y
SHARWOOD Lindsay 19 March 1878, nephew of Laughton Sharwood. 30y
SHAW William Arthur 15 October 1869, at St. Leonards. 25y
SHAW Joseph James B.24 August 1838, d.10 October 1880, Brother of William Arthur Shaw. 42y
SHAW Henry Kingsmill B. 30 July 1842, d.19 September 1873, Drowned whilst bathing at Kurrawa Station, Dalby, Queensland. 31y
SHAW Ann Huston 17 August 1890, Mother of Henry Kingsmill Shaw, died at North Sydney. 75y
SHAW Oliver Rankin B.14 May 1865, d.3 May 1869, Younger son of Joseph James & Lydia Shaw, Died at St. Leonard's Lodge. 4y
SHEAD Thomas 17 October 1898, Native of Radwinter Essex. 66y
SHEAD George 26 June 1880, Builder, native of Essex, Husband of Amelia Ann Shead. 52y
SHEAD Amelia Ann 4 September 1909, Wife of George Shead. 83y
SHEAD Alfred George 5 June 1868, 3rd Son of George and Amelia Ann Shead. 5y
SHEAD Elizabeth 10 March 1943. 84y
SHEAD Margaret 2 November 1878, Wife of William Shead. 21y
SHEPHERD George 22 November 1891, Husband of Prudence Shepherd. 74y
SHEPHERD Prudence 14 June 1903, Widow of George Shepherd. 77y
SIMMONDS John 6 December 1895, Husband of Eliza Jane Simmonds. 56y
SIMMONDS Eliza Jane 30 January 1911, Wife of John Simmonds. 68y
SIMMONDS George Sydney 11 September 1892, Son of John & Eliza Jane Simmonds. 29y
SIMMONDS John Washington 21 November 1926, Son of John & Eliza Jane Simmonds. 29y
SIMMS George Edward B.9 November 1869, d.4 February 1910. Born Isle of Wight, England, died North Sydney. 41y
SKENNAR Annie Elizabeth 8 September 1939. Daughter of George Ambrose & Annie Wheeler. 78y
SKEWES William 6 October 1900, Late of Manchester, England. 41y
SKINNER Richard James, Capt. 26 September 1901, "Our Father". 59y
SKINNER Lucy Beatrice Madeline 24 September 1901, "Our Sister". 29y
SLACK William James 29 August 1920, Husband of Adelaide Slack. 78y
SLACK Adelaide 8 October 1924, Widow of William James Slack. 70y
SLACK Frank Leslie 21 May 1878, Son of William James & Adelaide Slack. 19m
SLEEMAN Oliver Percival B.12 November 1890, d.24 November 1893, 4th Son of Oliver and Annie Sleeman. 3y
SMALE Frederick 21 August 1875, "Died from effects of wounds received in the Island of Santa Cruz. 18y
SMALE Frederick 21 August 1875, Ord. Smn. in H.M.S. Pearl. ?
SMEAL Ernest Joseph 2 March 1935, Husband of Fanny Ann Smeal. 65y
SMEAL Fanny Ann 4 July 1947, Wife of Ernest Joseph Smeal. 77y
SMEAL Gladys Gwendoline 18 January 1898. 4y 6m
SMEAL Nossie Blanch Muriel 30 June 1894. 2y 6m
SMEAL Clara J. B. 1 December 1903, wife of Joseph W. Smeal. 31y 6m
SMEAL James Weir 25 September 1881. 45y
SMITH James 4 July 1879. 49y 7m
SMITH Maria 1861. 8m
SMITH Susan 22 December 1881. 15y 5m
SMITH Henry 21 January 1869, Husband of Mary Smith. 69y
SMITH Mary 9 September 1878, Wife of Henry Smith. 57y
SMITH Eliza P. 31 March 1879. 64y
SMITH Sarah Ann 8 August 1907. 79y
SMITH Sophia Susannah B.10 May 1854, d.29 October 1886, Wife of Henry F. Smith, Kyogle, Richmond River, daughter of E. C. Close, Morpeth. 32y
SMITH Walter Alexander B.21 September 1860,d.28 April 1908. Erected by the Staff of Public Works Department and workmen and residents of Barren Jack. 48y
SMITH Alfred J. B.10 April 1883, d.2 July 1895. 12y
SMITHSON Elizabeth Cochrane 28 January 1899. 81y
SOLOMON Emily Moriah 1 November 1916, Wife of George L. Solomon. 63y
SOLOMON George Langham 29 April 1919, Husband of Emily Moriah Solomon. 67y
SOLOMON Michael 2 May 1899, Late of the Health Department. 71y
SOLOMON Frederick Oscar 10 January 1890, Youngest son of George & Emily Solomon. 1y 4m
SOLOMON Elizabeth 7 September 1871, Wife of Michael Solomon, late of Watson's Bay. 39y
SOLOMONS Maria Alathea 2 November 1876, Wife of William Solomons. 40y
SOLWAY Ellen 31 October 1916. Wife of Francis Solway. 53y
SOLWAY Francis 6 February 1918. Husband of Ellen Solway. 55y
SPAIN Staunton 15 May 1888, Husband of Fanny Maria Elizabeth Spain. 54y
SPAIN Fanny Maria Elizabeth 4 August 1901, Wife of Staunton Spain. 60y
SPAIN Marian 13 September 1871, 2nd daughter of Staunton & Fanny M.E. Spain. 1y 9m
SPAIN Emmeline 13 January 1885, 3rd Daughter of Staunton & Fanny M. E. Spain. 13y 3m
SPAIN Staunton William 8 September 1946. 81y
SPARK Ernest James 27 April 1920, M.B., Ch. M. Husband of Mildred V. Hester Spark. ?
SPARK Mildred V. Hester 19 September 1942, Wife of Ernest James Spark. ?
SPARKES William 24 October 1897, Husband of Bridget. 67y
SPARKES Thomas 8 August 1885, Eldest son of William & Bridget. 23y 9m
SPARKES Bridget 10 July 1911, Wife of William. 76y
SPARROW Robert 6 September 1875, Husband of Arabella M. Sparrow. 63y
SPARROW Arabella M. 19 May 1899, Wife of Robert Sparrow. 75y
STACK Marian 31 July 1898, Wife of Frederick Stack. 51y
STACK Frederick 11 June 1911, Husband of Marian Stack. Died at Chatswood. 66y
STACK Bessie ?, Grand-daughter of Frederick & Marian Stack. ?
STACK Jane Matilda 25 July 1891. Eldest daughter of the late Francis Stack. 26y
STANLEY Owen, Capt. 13 March 1850, R.N., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., Died in command of H.M.S. Rattlesnake at Port Jackson. 38y
STANLEY Lucy 8 November 1888. 3y 6m
STENNING Rebecca 28 February 1889. 61y
STENNING James 23 May 1895, N.G. 70y
STEPHENS ? Text unreadable. 29y
STEPHENSON Reginald G. 15 November 1907. 21y 8m
STEPHENSON Morton J. 24 August 1894. 9m
STEVENS James 8 March 1891, Husband of Jane Stevens. 47y
STEVENS Jane 9 September 1928, Wife of James Stevens. 84y
STEVENS Henry B.5 September 1843, d.1 November 1893. Husband of Mary Ann Stevens. 50y
STEVENS Mary Ann B.6 January 1846, d.11 January 1926. Wife of Henry Stevens. 80y
SUGDEN William John 17 May 1865, Son of William James & Jane Sugden. 7y
SUGDEN Charles James 11 August 1865, Son of William James & Jane Sugden. 18m
SUMMERS Mary 26 April 1906, Wife of Frank Summers. 69y
SUMMERS Thomas 24 January 1892. 42y
SYER Charles Willoughby 18 February 1853, Register states "Father a merchant." 10m
SYMONDS James William 27 December 1904, Son of Charles Hunt Symonds of Melbourne. 56y

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