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Family History Links

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Canberra Public Cemeteries Trust

Genealogy & Historical Information
Australia's Cultural Network
Genealogy Addresses for the Australian Capital Territory

Genealogy & Historical Societies
Canberra Dead Persons Society
The Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra, Inc.
The Military Historical Society of Australia

Government Information
Australian War Memorial
National Archives of Australia
Registrar-General's Office

Newspapers & Magazines
The Canberra Times

Universities & Libraries
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Commision Library
ACT Government Libraries
ACT Heritage Library
Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Library
Australian Federal Police Library
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Library
Australian National University Library
Australian War Memorial Research Centre
Canberra Institute of Technology Library
Canberra's Libraries Online
Department of the Environment and Heritage Libraries
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Library
Department of Transport and Regional Development Library
High Court of Australia Library
National Library of Australia
National Museum of Australia Library
National Sport Information Library
Parliament of Australia Parliamentary Library
University of Canberra Library

Personal Home Pages
Steve Sanderson's Home Page

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