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AGWeb Australasia
Archives in Australia, Directory of
Australasian Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange
Australia and New Zealand LDS Family History Centres
Australian Family Tree Connections
Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts (RAAMS)
Australian Dreamtime Searchers

Australian Gazeteer - A useful site for finding the location of Australian Towns
Australian Places - A Gazeteer of Australian Towns, Cities and Suburbs
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, Inc.
Australian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO)
Australia, World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Australian Archives - Genealogical Records
Australian Genealogy Addresses
Australian Heritage Commission
Australian Libraries
Australian National Shipwreck Data Base
Born there died in Australia
Calendar Conversions - a free online service. The valid range is 4714 B.C. to 9999 A.D. Covers Gregorian , Julian , Jewish , French republican calendars.
Central Register of Indexing Projects in Australia
Clans and Kinsmen
Commonwealth Bank
Family History Compendium
First Families 2000 - A database of Australian First Families - contributions by Australian Genealogists
Gedcom Utility Programs - Download GedSplit, GedLiving and other useful utilities
GenWeb - Australia
GenWeb - Pacific
Genealogy in Australia
Gumnut Papers - The Newsletter of the Australian Gum Tree Genealogy Web Ring
Illnesses - Names & Explanations for Genealogists
Jewish Genealogy in Australia
National Bank of Australia Facts Book - includes details of the history of the early banks of Australia
National Library of Australia
National Maritime Museum
Office of Australian War Graves
On-line Australasian Names Research Directory
Genealogy in Sweden

Tall Trees Family History Sources

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