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Bunurong Cemetery Bairnsdale (Punt Flat) notes 1850s/1860s
Glen Wills Cemetery Bairnsdale headstones 1865 to 1920
Ballarat Burials with Cornish locations in Old Cemetery Benambra Cemetery
Ballarat Consolidated Index to District Cemeteries Benambra records 1877-1978, headstones 1888-1980
Ballarat Crematorium Register Black Mountain notes pre 1900
Ballarat Old Cemetery Register Briagolong records and headstones 1882-1976
Ballarat New Cemetery Register Bruthen headstones 1883-1980
Bendigo Cemetery Transcriptions 1858-1992 Buchan headstones 1887-1977
  Bullumwaal headstones, records and notes to c.1950 
Kyneton Cemetery Headstones
Maffra Burials 1869-1993  Bumberrah (Johnsonville) headstones 1884-1977
Melbourne Old Cemetery 1866-1917 Cann River headstones 1924-1984
Sale Early Monumental memorials  Cassilis (Tongio) headstones 1884-1919, records 1899-1921

Coongulmerang (Lindenow South) headstones 1882-1976
  Dargo headstones 1867-1976
  Dellicknora headstones 1938-1983
  Delvine records and headstones 1846-1918
  Ensay records 1894-1980, headstones 1894-1982
  Gipsy Point (Maramingo) records and headstones to 1981
  Glenaladale headstones 1880-1889
  Glenmaggie headstones 1885-1976, records 1881-1984
  Glen Wills, records 1896-1918
  Grant notes
   Heyfield records 1908-1984, headstones 1872-1919 
   Lakes Entrance (Cunninghame) headstones 1879-1980
  Maffra headstones 1872-1984, records (dates not specified)
  Mallacoota West headstones 1913-1984
  Marlo headstones 1878-1984
  Omeo Cemetery
  Omeo records 1857-1979, headstones 1864-1982
  Orbost headstones 1881-1982 
  Paynesville headstones 1897-1978
  Ramahyuk headstones 1877-1897
  Rosedale headstones 1872-1985
  Sale headstones 1855-1920 
  Stratford (Nuntin) headstones 1865-1984
  Talbotville notes
  Toongabbie records 1868-1969, headstones 1872-1983
  Wangarabelle station headstones 1873-1954
  Wonnangatta Station notes
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   Genealogy and Historical Information
Index to Inward Overseas Passengers from Foreign Ports 1852-1859

Passengers on the Ship "Emigrant" (Sunderland - Melbourne)

Passengers on the Ship "Lord Delaval" (Berwick upon Tweed/London - Port St. Philip)

Passengers on the Ship "Saldana" (Liverpool - Victoria)

Westernport Settlement - 1826 to 1828, Details of

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Genealogy and Historical Societies
Ballarat and District Genealogy Society

Bellarine Historical Society

Dead Persons Society of Melbourne

Dromana and District Historical Society, Inc.

First Fleet Fellowship

Geelong Family History Group, Inc.

Genealogical Society of Victoria, Inc.

Hastings - Western Port Historical Society

Mildura & District Genealogical Society, Inc.

Mornington Historical Society Inc

Mornington Peninsula Family History Society

Morwell Historical Society

Victorian GUM (Genealogists Using Microcomputers)

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Government Resources

Public Record Office of Victoria

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Newspapers and Magazines

Ballarat Courier

The Dutch Courier (Monthly Newsletter)

Shepparton News

Warrnambool Standard Online

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Universities and Libraries

Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

LaTrobe University Heywood Library

Melbourne University Archives

Monash University Records and Archives Services

State Library of Victoria: Genealogy

University of Ballarat

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Personal Home Pages

Bert's homepage of genealogy and links

Doug McLean’s HomePage

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