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German Immigrants in South East Queensland
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The list is essentially for those people of German descent whose ancestors settled in South East Queensland. I would like to point out that SEQld is not limited to the Gold Coast (as some people like to think) nor is it necessarily limited to Queensland.

A few words from Beverly Markham - Listowner

Until 1859 Queensland was part of New South Wales and it appears, from posts to the list, that the Germans migrated freely between Northern New South Wales and Queensland - sometimes following crops or crop failures or shearing or whatever causes people to leave one spot and settle elsewhere . I have seen pockets of Germans noted as being further north than Townsville, as far west as Cunnamulla and as far south as Tamworth. Most of them came in through Moreton Bay, some through Bundaburg and some through Sydney. I have read family histories that mention all these areas, and as a result, in my mind, the SE Qld geographical area encompasses a VERY LARGE area. Oh yes, pockets pockets of Germans lived here and pockets of them lived there and never seemed to connect, but my ancestors wandered far and wide in search of a place to settle.

If My ancestors did that, then it is reasonable to assume that others did the same. My crowd are not unique in this way. What I did find interesting is the emphasis on ethnocentrism among the Germans. To foster this feeling and its far reaching effects they more or less kept to themselves. That is, they made sure that they married only other Germans for about 3 generations after they came to Australia. By then, the original ancestors had died off and were not there to ensure the grandchildren married within German Ranks. This happened in my family and I have seen it happen in other families too. By intermarrying, it has made it quite a bit easier to trace German ancestry in SE Qld. They mostly kept to the Lutheran Religion and some Lutheran churches have made public their earlier marriage records etc.

Beverly Markham - Listowner aus-qld-se-germans-l@rootsweb.com