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IFHAA Military Records
Guidelines and submission form for the IFHAA Roll of Honour and/or Military Register  

Please read these instructions and provide as much information as you can on the subject Serviceman/woman.

1. Please use uppercase for surnames
2. Sections marked with an * are required
3. Other  information is optional but preferred if known
4. Biographical  information is optional
5. Don't forget to include your full name and email address
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Roll of
The IFHAA Roll of Honour contains details on  men and women who have served in the armed forces and ancillary services during times of military conflict involving Australia
Military Register The Military Register lists those who have served in military units during peace, and also Australians who left our shores and enlisted in the military forces of another country.
*Name: full name
*Conflict/s: eg Sudan, Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, WWI, WWII etc
Unit: if served in more than one unit please list in chronological order
Service No. Service number if known
Rank: Please list from initial rank to highest rank attained
Enlistment date/age: Please list date of enlistment and age when enlisted
Overseas Service: Please list the campaigns this person served in
Returned to Aus: yes or no and date
Died during Active Service: yes or no - you may include whether KIA, DOW, DOD etc here and age at death
Date & Place of Death:  
Place of Burial:  
Born: Date & Place of Birth
Parents: include maiden name of mother if possible
Religion: At time of enlistment
Occupation: At time of enlistment
Residence: At time of enlistment
Memorial: name of any memorial on which this person is listed 
Biographical Info: additional information relating to the life of the individual, and/or their military experience. 

Your Name: Your Email:

Examples of completed entries:

Roll of Honour

*Name:  Alan CALDWELL
*Conflict:   WWI
Unit:  39 Battalion
Number:  2692
Rank:  Private
Date of enlistment:  11 August 1916
*Served overseas:  yes
*Returned to Australia:   yes
Date of return to Australia:  22 March 1918
*Died on active service:  no
Date of death:   1972
Place of death:  Wollongong
Buried:   Wollongong General Cemetery
Date of birth:  29 March 1898
Place of birth: Wollongong
Parents:  Cunningham CALDWELL and Alice Clara HARRIGAN
Religion:  Presbyterian
Occupation:  Coal miner
Age at enlistment:  18 years
Place of residence at time of enlistment:
If died on active service, age at death: n/a
Memorial:  Corrimal Public School, Corrimal Presbyterian Church
Biographical information:

When Alan 'Winger' Caldwell enlisted in August 1916 his brother, Bruce, was already on his way to the Western Front.  Although gassed, Alan returned to Australia but Bruce did not.

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Military Register

*Name:  Arthur Ernest READ
*Unit:  England.  1st Oxfordshire Light Infantry.  5 Machine Gun Corps, Oxford and Bucks.
Number:   5401 Oxfordshire Light Infantry, 27398 5 Machine Gun Corps.
Rank:  Private - Company Sergeant Major
Date of birth:  19 July 1880
Place of birth: Redfern NSW
Date of death:   20 May 1950
Place of death:  Griffith NSW
Parents:  William READ and Emily Anne Ida ROGERS
Religion:  Presbyterian
Occupation:  Soldier and orchardist
Age at enlistment:  14 years
Place of residence at time of enlistment:  England
If died on active service, age at death:  not applicable
Biographical information:

Arthur Ernest Read was the fourth of ten children born to William and Emily Read.  Family stories maintain that Arthur left home and went to England specifically to join the army and hopefully go to war.  If this was the case then he certainly achieved his aims, serving in India, South Africa and travelling between England and Europe with troops during World War I.   He was moved to reserves on 12 February 1919.

In 1921 Arthur  returned to Australia with his wife, Bertha Cooley and their ten children, the youngest of whom had been born at sea.  After staying with Arthur's mother in Redfern for a year or so, the family moved on to a soldier settler's farm at Griffith.  Another five children were born in Australia, making a total of ten girls and five boys.  All five sons served overseas during World War II and all returned safely.  Arthur, aged 60 years, also tried to enlist but this time was unable to fool the authorities.

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