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BDM Index Church Codes pre-1856

Compulsory Civil Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages commenced in NSW in 1856. Until this time it was the responsibility of the officiating minister at baptisms, marriages and funerals to record the details in their Church Registers.

These registers have been microfilmed by the Archives Office of NSW and Microfiche indexes are available for these records. Most of the records are listed with numerical codes such as 1234 32. These numerical codes indicate the entry number (the first group of digits) and the volume number (the second set of digits). To find 1234 32 you would go to the microfilm that contains Volume 32 and then the record you are after would be entry number 1234.

Some of the records on the Microfiche indexes have two letter codes for location. These location codes do not necessarily indicate the precise location of the event but do indicate where the officiating minister was based. Many ministers in these early Colonial years worked a circuit which included outlying areas and, as a result unions which may have been in place for a number of years were formalised when the minister visited the area. This also led to baptisms being performed in 'job lots'. The following list is an explanation of most of these codes.


AA Baptist Sydney. St Andrews; Bathurst Street
AB Baptist Field of Mars
AC Baptist Sydney, St James
AD Baptist Co. Cumberland ('abodes" mostly Pennant Hills and Parramatta]
AE Baptist Sydney, Macquarie St
AF Baptist Sydney,  St Lawrences
AG Baptist Sydney - parish not listed
AH Baptist Parramatta
AI Baptist Melbourne Vic
AJ Baptist Sydney, St Phillips

CA Church of England Sydney, St Phillips
CB Church of England Parramatta,  St Johns
CC Church of England Windsor, St Matthews
CD Church of England Castlereagh
CE Church of England Richmond
CF Church of England Liverpool, St Lukes
CG Church of England Norfolk Island
CH Church of England Hexham; Newcastle, Christ Church
CI Church of England Campbelltown, St Peters (Co. Airds)
CJ Church of England Sydney, St James
CK Church of England Port Macquarie, St Thomas (Co. Ayr)
CL Church of England Kelso
CM Church of England Wilberforce
CN Church of England Sackville Reach
CO Church of England Moreton Bay Qld
CP Church of England Sydney (parish not listed)
CQ Church of England Field of Mars; Marsfield; Ryde
CR Church of England Cobbity; Narellan
CS Church of England Pitt Town
CT Church of England Black Creek; Bulwarra; Clifton; East Maitland; Hinton; Hunter District
CU Church of England Brisbane; St Johns; Qld
CV Church of England Berrima; Bong Bong; Sutton Forest; All Saints (Co. Camden)
CW Church of England Abercrombie District; Bathurst
CX Church of England Castle Hill; Dooral/Dural
CY Church of England Lower Hawkesbury
CZ Church of England Illawarra; Jervis Bay

GA Independent (Congregational) Ebenezer; Lake Macquarie
GB Independent (Congregational) Sydney; Sydney - Pitt Street
GC Independent (Congregational) Melbourne - Collins Street; VIC
GD Independent (Congregational) Parramatta
GE Independent (Congregational) Alexandria; South Head
GF Independent (Congregational) Sydney St Philips Mariners' Church
GG Independent (Congregational) Petersham
GH Independent (Congregational) Maitland; Maitland West
GI Independent (Congregational) Sydney St lawrences
GJ Independent (Congregational) Brisbane; Qld
GK Independent (Congregational) Ipswick Qld
GL Independent (Congregational) Newcastle
GM Independent (Congregational) Saluafala; Islanf of Upolu; Samoa
GN Independent (Congregational) Sydney St James
GO Independent (Congregational) Wollongong

IA Wesleyan Methodist Sydney
IB Wesleyan Methodist Field of Mars; Parramatta
IC Wesleyan Methodist Lower Hawkesbury
ID Wesleyan Methodist Macdonald River
IE Wesleyan Methodist Sackville Reach
IF Wesleyan Methodist Portland Head
IG Wesleyan Methodist Bathurst; Hill End
IH Wesleyan Methodist Windsor
II Wesleyan Methodist Mudgee
IJ Wesleyan Methodist Wollongong
IK Wesleyan Methodist Maitland; Maitland West
IL Wesleyan Methodist Melbourne; Vic
IM Wesleyan Methodist Geelong; Vic
IN Wesleyan Methodist Camden
IO Wesleyan Methodist Kempsey; Port Macquarie
IP Wesleyan Methodist Hunter River District; Newcastle
IQ Wesleyan Methodist Co. Argyle; Goulburn; Gunning; Yass
IR Wesleyan Methodist Alexandria
IS Wesleyan Methodist Brisbane; Co. Stanley; Ipswich; Moreton Bay QLD
IT Wesleyan Methodist Queanbeyan
IU Wesleyan Methodist Surry Hills
IV Wesleyan Methodist Newtown
IW Wesleyan Methodist Armidale; New England District
IX Wesleyan Methodist Bowenfels
IY Wesleyan Methodist Bega; Moruya
IZ Wesleyan Methodist Albury

JA Presbyterian Sydney; Scots Church
JB Presbyterian Sydney; St Andrews Scots Church
JC Presbyterian Wollongong
JD Presbyterian Wisemans Ferry
JE Presbyterian Balmain
JF Presbyterian Newcastle
JG Presbyterian Alexandria; Paddington
JH Presbyterian Murrurundi; Scone
JI Presbyterian Bathurst
JJ Presbyterian Jervis Bay; Shoalhaven (Co. of St Vincent)
JK Presbyterian Sydney St Stephens (Macquarie Street)
JL Presbyterian Hawkesbury District
JM Presbyterian Pitt Town; Wilberforce
JN Presbyterian Parramatta
JO Presbyterian Windsor St Matthews
JP Presbyterian Sydney St Lawrences
JQ Presbyterian Sydney ST James
JR Presbyterian Butterwick; Hinton; Middiehope; Seaham
JS Presbyterian Portland Head
JT Presbyterian Port Macquarie St Andrews
JU Presbyterian Cos. of St Vincent; Murray and Auckland (Itinerent)
JV Presbyterian Richmond
JW Presbyterian Houghton
JX Presbyterian Yass
JY Presbyterian Bungonie; Goulburn
JZ Presbyterian Co. Cook

KA Primitive Methodist Sydney
KB Primitive Methodist Maitland
KC Primitive Methodist Houghton
KD Primitive Methodist Newcastle
KE Primitive Methodist Camden; Liverpool; Penrith; Narellan; Picton

LA Roman Catholic Sydney St James
LB Roman Catholic Adelaide (SA)
LC Roman Catholic Windsor St Matthews
LD Roman Catholic Sydney St Marys
LE Roman Catholic Campbelltown St Johns
LF Roman Catholic Yass
LG Roman Catholic Bathurst; Kelso St Michaels; Co. Bathurst
LH Roman Catholic Parramatta St Patricks
LI Roman Catholic Liverpool
LJ Roman Catholic Mulgoa; Penrith
LK Roman Catholic East Maitland; Maitland; West Maitland
LL Roman Catholic Newcastle; Raymond Terrace
LM Roman Catholic Macdonald River ST Josephs (Co Hunter)
LN Roman Catholic Brisbane Water; East Gosford; Gosford; Kincumber
LO Roman Catholic Goulburn
LP Roman Catholic Berrima; Sutton Forest
LQ Roman Catholic Illawarra; Wollongton
LR Roman Catholic Melbourne St Francis' (VIC)
LS Roman Catholic Geelong (VIC)
LT Roman Catholic Hartley
LU Roman Catholic Moreton Bay (QLD); New England District
LV Roman Catholic
LW Roman Catholic Cooma; Monara; Queanbeyan; Towfold Bay
LX Roman Catholic Co. Cook
LY Roman Catholic Appin St Bede's
LZ Roman Catholic Port Macquarie (Co. Macquarie)

MA Church of England Australia Agricultural Company Dungog. Eldon; Stroud; Uffingto
MB Church of England Port Stephens
MC Church of England Bungonia; Goulburn; St Saviors (Co. Argyle; Goulburn Plains; Lake Bathurst; Marulan
MD Church of England Dapto; Wollongong
ME Church of England Melbourne; St James VIC
MF Church of England Sydney; St Lawrences
MG Church of England Mulgoa; St Thomas
MH Church of England Cabramatta; Denham Court; St Marys
MI Church of England Gundaroo; Gunning; Yass
MJ Church of England Canbury (Canberra); Lake George; Queenbeyan
MK Church of England Brisbane Water
ML Church of England Alnwick; Butterwick; Clarence Town; Middlehope; Raymond
MM Church of England Montefiores; Wellington District
MN Church of England Cooks River; Petersham
MO Church of England Inverary
MP Church of England Lower Portland Head
MQ Church of England Bringelly
MR Church of England Oakville; Whittingham; Wollombi
MS Church of England Sydney Holy Trinity (Garrison Church)
MT Church of England Mangrove Creek; Upper Mangrove
MU Church of England Hunters Hill
MV Church of England Macdonald & Colo River
MW Church of England Penrith
MX Church of England Appin
MY Church of England Camden; St John's Oaks; Picton; Stonequarry
MZ Church of England Merriwa; Muswellbrook; Paterson

NA Church of England Scone
NB Church of England Monaro/Maneroo/Menaroo
NC Church of England Clydesdale; South Creek; St Mary Magdalene's
ND Church of England Prospect St Batholomew's
NE Church of England Araluen; Braidwood
NF Church of England Ashfield; Balmain; Burwood. Concord
NG Church of England Belfast; Port Fairy; Portland (VIC)
NH Church of England Binalong
NI Church of England Clarence River District
NJ Church of England Gulgong; Mudgee
NK Church of England Albany; King George Sound (WA)
NL Church of England Sydney St Andrew's
NM Church of England Houghton
NN Church of England Althorpe; Brougham; Invermein; Rowan
NO Church of England Geelong (VIC)
NP Church of England Gosford; Kincumber
NQ Church of England Camberwell; Falbrook; Jerry's Plains; Warkworth; Wombo
NR Church of England Carcoar
NS Church of England Armidale St Peter's
NT Church of England Alexandria; Paddington
NU Church of England Willoughby
NV Church of England Camperdown; Newtown
NW Church of England Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
NY Church of England Gordon
NZ Church of England Canberra

OA Church of England O'Connell Plains
OB Church of England Ipswich (QLD)
OC Church of England Liverpool Plains; Tamworth
OD Church of England Warialda
OE Church of England Gundagai
OF Church of England Albury
OG Church of England Wagga Wagga
OH Church of England Greendale
OI Church of England Enfield
OJ Church of England Darling Downs; Drayton (QLD)
OK Church of England Cooma
OL Church of England Tumut
OM Church of England Sofala
ON Church of England Murrumbidgee District
OO Church of England Pennant Hills
OP Church of England Meroo; Tambaroora (Cos. Wellington & Roxburgh)
OQ Church of England Pyrmont St Batholomew's
OR Church of England Cassilis District (Co Bligh); Merton
OS Church of England Warwick (QLD)
OT Church of England Burnett River; Wide Bay (QLD)
OU Church of England Redfern St Paul's
OV Church of England Darlinghurst  St John's
OW Church of England Mount Vincent (Co Northumberland)
OX Church of England Dubbo
OY Church of England Orange
OZ Church of England Darling/Murray Junction (Wentworth)

PA Presbyterian Campbelltown St Peters
PB Presbyterian Upper Hunter
PC Presbyterian Denbie; Hunter District; Maitland; Morpeth; Paterson; Singleton
PD Presbyterian Kangaroo Point; Moreton Bay; Tambool (Qld)
PE Presbyterian Armidale; New England
PF Presbyterian Cambellfield; Melbourne; VIC
PG Presbyterian Ilawarra District; Kiama
PH Presbyterian Murrumbidgee and Murray District
PI Presbyterian South Counties (Itinerant); Liverpool Plains
PJ Presbyterian Bowenfels; Vale of Olwydd (Rev. Colin Stewart - itinerant)
PK Presbyterian Geelong VIC
PL Presbyterian Gordon
PM Presbyterian Portland VIC
PN Presbyterian Whittingham
PO Presbyterian Broulee
PP Presbyterian Upper Hume River District
PQ Presbyterian Will-Will-Rook; VIC
PR Presbyterian Birsbane (QLD)
PS Presbyterian Field of Mars
PT Presbyterian Sydney St Philip's
PU Presbyterian Carcoar; Lachlan District
PV Presbyterian Tumut
PW Presbyterian Sutton Forest
PX Presbyterian Wagga Wagga
PY Presbyterian Sydney German Reformed Church
PZ Presbyterian Manning River District

QA Presbyterian Clarence Town; Dungog; Stroud
QB Presbyterian Cos of Durham & Gloucester
QC Presbyterian Sydney Scots Church (Pitt St)
QD Presbyterian Gayndah (QLD)
QE Presbyterian Warwick (QLD)
QF Presbyterian Sydney (parish not stated); Woolloomooloo
QG Presbyterian Ipswich (QLD)
QH Presbyterian Meroo; Tambaroora; Western Gold Fields; (Co. Wellington)
QI Presbyterian Braidwood; Bungendore
QJ Presbyterian Bligh District
QK Presbyterian Mudgee
QL Presbyterian Terrys Meadows
QM Presbyterian Albury
QN Presbyterian Berrima

RA Australian Methodist Sydney Pitt Street

SA (Society of) Friends Hobart (TAS)
SB (Society of) Friends Sydney

TA Israelite Pitt Town
TB Israelite Sydney
TC Israelite Wollombi
TD Israelite Liverpool
TE Israelite Penrith
TF Israelite New South Wales
TG Israelite Maitland
TH Israelite Mundamah
TI Israelite Dural

UA United Evangelical North Brisbane (QLD)

VA Roman Catholic Moreton Bay (QLD)
VB Roman Catholic Burragorang St Paulinus'
VC Roman Catholic Singleton (inc New England; St Augustine's Co. Northumberland
VD Roman Catholic Port Macquarie & New ngland
VE Roman Catholic Carcoar; Cowra; Erroll; Orange
VF Roman Catholic Clarence River District; Co. Clarence
VG Roman Catholic Patrick's Plains
VH Roman Catholic Ipswich (QLD)
VI Roman Catholic Whittingham
VJ Roman Catholic Sofala
VK Roman Catholic Far South Coast; Co. Dampier
VL Roman Catholic Araluen; Braidwood
VM Roman Catholic Eldon
VN Roman Catholic Broulee; Moruya
VO Roman Catholic Kiama
VP Roman Catholic Armidale
VQ Roman Catholic Petersham St Thomas'
VR Roman Catholic Wellington
VS Roman Catholic Balmain
VT Roman Catholic Albury (Co Goulburn)
VU Roman Catholic Norfold Island
VV Roman Catholic Sydney (parish not stated)
VW Roman Catholic Picton
VX Roman Catholic Hawkesbury; Lower Hawkesbury
VY Roman Catholic Sydney St Patrick's
VZ Roman Catholic Liverpool Plains

XA Wesleyan Methodist Carcoar
XB Wesleyan Methodist Blayney
XC Wesleyan Methodist Ballina
XD Wesleyan Methodist Balmain
XE Wesleyan Methodist Liverpool Plains; inc Gunnedah
XF Wesleyan Methodist Glenorchy; Hobart; Port Arthur (TAS)
XG Wesleyan Methodist New Zealand
XH Wesleyan Methodist Macquarie Harbour (TAS)
XI Wesleyan Methodist Annandale; Ashfield; Burwood; Glebe
XJ Wesleyan Methodist Hay; Moulamein District (Gospel Car Mission)
XK Wesleyan Methodist Grafton
XL Wesleyan Methodist Nymagee
XM Wesleyan Methodist Ingataboo (Tonga)
XN Wesleyan Methodist Auburn
XO Wesleyan Methodist Bombala Circuit
XP Wesleyan Methodist Branxton
XQ Wesleyan Methodist Brunswick
XR Wesleyan Methodist Chippendale
XS Wesleyan Methodist Cabargo; Tilba
XT Wesleyan Methodist Cooma
XU Wesleyan Methodist Glen Innes Circuit
XV Wesleyan Methodist Leichhardt; Stanmore Circuit
XW Wesleyan Methodist Macleay River
XX Wesleyan Methodist Manning River Circuit
XY Wesleyan Methodist Molong Circuit
XZ Wesleyan Methodist Morpeth

YA Church of England Canterbury
YB Church of England Bega; Bombala; Eden
YF Wesleyan Methodist Orange
YG Wesleyan Methodist Randwick
YC Wesleyan Methodist Rockley River
YD Wesleyan Methodist Tamworth Circuit
YE Wesleyan Methodist Wagga Wagga

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