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IFHAA Certificate Exchange
In the normal course of research you can sometimes purchase certificates that aren't relevant to your own lines. Certificates listed here are some of these and the IFHAA members who have them are prepared to pass them on if they relate to your lines. Send your enquiry direct to the member listed as holding the certificate. If you have a non-relevant certificate you can list it here by sending the certificate details to the Certificate Exchange Maintainer
Vaeda van Lieshout

Birth - Baptism - Marriage - Death

Baptism Certificates




Reg. No.


Father's Occupation


HOWELL, Eleanora Ann St John's Church, Parramatta 5 Jan 1834 1 Vol. 19 George & Elizabeth Miller Scott Brown

LEWES, Johanna Eva

Parish of St James, Sydney, NSW

24 Nov 1853

3800 Vol. 141

Antonio LEWES & Maria Catherine O'ROURKE

Vaeda van Lieshout

MORTON, James St John's Church, Parramatta 4 Jan 1834 1 Vol. 18 Robert & Annie Tailor Scott Brown

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