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IFHAA Certificate Exchange
In the normal course of research you can sometimes purchase certificates that aren't relevant to your own lines. Certificates listed here are some of these and the IFHAA members who have them are prepared to pass them on if they relate to your lines. Send your enquiry direct to the member listed as holding the certificate. If you have a non-relevant certificate you can list it here by sending the certificate details to the Certificate Exchange Maintainer
Vaeda van Lieshout

Birth - Baptism - Marriage - Death

Death Certificates




Cause of Death Age Mother  Father Email

BARRY, Elizabeth Amy Kilburn

14 Nov 1934

Shire of Frankston & Hastings, Vic

(Born Southgate, MDX, ENG)


Dorothy Ingram

CIVILL, John Joseph

1887 Melbourne, Victoria   Infant     Vicki Smith
COE, Mary Ann 1884 Hobart, Tasmania   24     Vicki Smith

CORBITT, Margaret Rosenbrock

7 Nov 1934

Shire of Frankston & Hastings, Vic

(Born London, ENG)


Dorothy Ingram


1887 Melbourne, Victoria   Infant     Vicki Smith
ELLIOTT, James 1884 Hobart, Tasmania   40     Vicki Smith
GALLAGHER, Margaret Wells 4 Oct 1934

Shire of Frankston & Hastings, Vic

(Born Ireland)     Dorothy Ingram
GALLAWAY, Robert 1871 Craigie, Victoria   Infant     Vicki Smith
GEHRIG, Doris Sylvia 20 Nov 1942 Albury, NSW Shock (placental Haemorrhage) 37 Gertrude LANKESTER Daniel MURRAY Marg Glenn
GEHRIG, George 23 Apr 1956 Albury, NSW Broncho pneumonia 59 Lena REUSS Phillip GEHRIG Marg Glenn ADDRESS INVALID
GILBERT, Charles 1881 Gulgong, NSW   59     Vicki Smith
GILBERT, Isabella 1894 Newcastle, NSW   62     Vicki Smith
GOOD, Elizabeth 1871 Craigie, Victoria   44     Vicki Smith
GRUNDY, Thomas 1871 Cockatoo, Victoria   41     Vicki Smith
Hughes, Richard 1871 Craigie, Victoria   53     Vicki Smith
IVERS, Ellen 1884 Hobart, Tasmania   86     Vicki Smith
LENNON, Michael James 1884 Wagga Wagga, NSW   Infant     Vicki Smith
LONG, Ann 1862 West Maitland, NSW   Infant     Vicki Smith
LONG, Martin 1862 Sydney, NSW   52     Vicki Smith
LOPEZ, Mary 1884 Sandy Bay, Tasmania   2     Vicki Smith
LUCAS, Richard Allan 1884 Battery Point, Tasmania   Infant     Vicki Smith
LYNCH, Terance 1884 Battery Point, Tasmania   74     Vicki Smith
MANNING, Susannah 13 Feb 1886 Wangarei, NZ Gastric Fever 46 Elizabeth DEARSLEY George Don Scott Brown
MARTIN, Edith Lilly 1884 Hobart, Tasmania   Infant     Vicki Smith
McKEOWN, William 1894 Petersham, NSW   33     Vicki Smith
MIDDLECOATE, Bonnie Maude 1871 Rodborough, Victoria   Infant     Vicki Smith
Miller, George Rigdon 1887 Fitzroy, Victoria   55     Vicki Smith
MOORE, Ethel Martha 1884 Risdon, Tasmania   Infant     Vicki Smith
MOORE, George 1884 Battery Point, Tasmania   80     Vicki Smith
MORTON, Robert Daniel 24 Feb 1907 Woomargama, NSW Heart Failure 78 Anne COWLE Robert Daniel MORTON Scott Brown
NIGHBON, Mark       68     Vicki Smith
OKINE, Caroline Ada 1884 Lansdowne, Tasmania   20     Vicki Smith
OSBORNE, Ethel Bertha 1884 Hobart, Tasmania   Infant     Vicki Smith
ROBERTS, Thomas 1884 Hobart, Tasmania   60     Vicki Smith
SHERWOOD, Elizabeth Jane White

22 Nov 1834

Shire of Frankston & Hastings, Vic

(Born Heidelberg, Vic)     Dorothy Ingram
SLATTERY, Thomas 1879 Ironbarks, NSW   85     Vicki Smith
SNOWDEN, Henry 1888 Carcoar, NSW   77     Vicki Smith
SYNON(?), Honora 1887 Melbourne, Victoria   8 Catherine O'FLAHERTY John Vicki Smith
WELLS, James

25 Oct 1929

 Young, NSW  Hodgkins Disease     Samuel WELLS

Len Wells

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