IFHAA Newsletter No. 4 
March 2000

Newsletter Editor e-mail")">Cathy Dunn

I would like to welcome everyone to the first IFHAA newsletter for 2000. The Internet Family History Association of Australia (IFHAA) has now completed the move to its new and permanent home at http://www.historyaustralia.org.au/ The site has a new look and the frames have been removed. We have also added a new form to the site which will allow you to modify your Membership details. Any changes submitted will only be made if you supply a valid password. All existing members are requested to provide a password to the Memberships Officer, Scott Brown, at before submitting revised membership details and/or new research interests for listing on the IFHAA web site.

The Ozgenie Research/IFHAA On-line ECommerce store opened on 20 March and you will be able to purchase selected books and reference material from this site. The On-Line store can feature ten items at a time and at time of opening we have seven books and one CD-Rom featured. Members who have published a Genealogy or history book/CD-Rom are welcome to enquire about having their product sold through this site. This is a secure E-Commerce site and we should shortly be able to accept credit cards through the site. This store has been set up by Ozgenie Research as a service for IFHAA Members. Neither the IFHAA, Ozgenie Research nor HistoryAustralia are making profit from sales. All payments go direct to the authors of the publications listed, with no commission charged. Should the On-line store be of use to our members it can be expanded to include an unlimited number of products. This would necessitate a small fee from each sale (which would be a minimum percentage of sale total) as it would cost  $25 American per month to run the expanded product list. This fee is payable to BizLand our site host. The limited shop of ten items is provided free of charge by BizLand

Enquiries about listing your product on the Ozgenie Research/IFHAA Shop should be emailed to the IFHAA Coordinator. 

We will also be announcing a competition where you could win a prize for submitting the best new page for inclusion on the IFHAA site. Prizes will vary depending on our sponsors and the first prize will be given in July for pages submitted between now and the end of June. Submissions in all categories will be considered. Members will be invited to vote in the first week of July for what they consider to be the best submission. Following this first draw the competition will be a monthly event. The prize in July will be a copy of the "Australian Colonists Series Volume 1" CD. For details and sample pages of this CD see http://www.historyaustralia.org.au/ozgenie/about.htm

e-mail")">Cathy Dunn
Newsletter Editor

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