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The Lady Kennaway into Sydney - 11 August 1838
Surgeon and Agent's Report

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Report of S.S.Waugh (Ship's Surgeon)


During the voyage the emigrants in general have enjoyed good health, though, a considerable number of the adults,  & nearly all the children, have suffered nine or [?] from the diseases before specified, when landed all the passengers with the exception of one child, were in good health, & while on board they conducted themselves so as to merit my highest approbation.  The quality of the provisions issued was always good, the quantity as much as the emigrants could consume, we had also a most ample supply of water, adult passengers drawing a gallon a day nearly all the voyage, & having extra [?] served out for washing, & I am happy to say it was always good. Great benefit was also derived from the ample supply of medical comforts without which I 

[?] we should have had a much greater mortality amongst the children. The accommodation between decks was amply sufficient for the number on [?] the height of the ‘tween deck was indeed rather low, but this occasioned [?] to the circulation& purity of the air, as we had great breadth [?] & large ports (22 in number) which we were able to keep open nearly all the voyage, & thus with the windsails we could always keep the air fresh. [?] inconvenience was however experienced from the very imperfect manner [?] the ‘tween deck waterclosets were filled up, one in particular, admitting [?] whenever the vessel rolled much, & for three days the lower deck received [?] flood. 

[?] constant attention of the captain, & officers of the ship, to the comfort of the passengers [?] the highest commendation, & to them, the medical officers feel under great obligation. No regular means of keeping the passengers employed, during the voyage supplied before sailing, & only a few of them were employed in assisting the [??] when required. During most of the voyage a school for the children was held on board, but considerable difficulty was experienced [???] conducted, & consequently no great advantage was [????] was regularly performed every Sabbath, & [?????]

[???] which I received, I am desired also to state what [?] improvements in the vessel, & accordingly have to remark, that I consider the way in which the emigrants are berthed, as not at all natural or advantageous [?] males on one side & the females on the other, & we experienced great difficulty in [?] the violation of this regulation, a thing which appeared to me not at all objectionable amongst the married people, indeed I think it far preferable to the method [?] in use. The plan I should recommend would be to have the single men [?] forward, the married men in the centre, allowing them to sleep with their families around them, & along with their wives, & then have the single women stationed aft.   There was also another thing which occasioned considerable inconvenience, [?] deck ventilated, which were not at any time productive of good, & when the vessel shipped any water, kept the beds below constantly wet, from the impossibility of making them quite water tight.  

In this vessel we adopted a plan which I should ernestly recommend [?] your attention as a matter of great moment in treating children on [?] ship, namely in letting them have fresh soup daily (which we had it in [??] by obtaining a sheep from the master when required) & on which the children [?] seemed to thrive remarkably well when we adopted it. A dozen sheep [??] would be sufficient to make soup for all who would require it [??] could be necessary to give it. In all other respects [??] satisfied with the arrangements on board.  

Name of the surgeon in charge        Rt. Waugh, Surgeon Supt.                      R.C. Hope, Ass. 2nd Tonnage                                                583 Tons 
Port from which the vessel sailed    Leith 
Date of sailing                                      Leith 19th         Downs 25th  

April 5th  
Number Embarked                              Adults 175  Children 108 

6th  Number of births on board        7 born alive & twins still born

7th            of deaths on board         7 All children under 3˝ years 

8th Names of principal diseases      Hooping Cough, Infn of the eyes, Miliary ?  
occurred on board                      Bowel Complaints & Dysentery

9th General State of the vessel        With one exception all healthy
         on arrival

10th Length of passage in days        109 

11th Date of arrival                              12th August 

12th Touched at the Cape or any other port                  Nowhere 

13th Whether or not in quarantine    Not 

14th Deaths in quarantine                    -  

Note to 5th query Though this is the number marked as embarked, yet one man ill of smallpox with his wife & three children, & a female relative were landed at Deal and one young man was left there also by his own request. There was one young man on board who was allowed to come, but whose name is not in the list.


Departed Leith 19 April 1838     Arrived Sydney 11 August 1838

Captain: P.R. Davidson
SS: Dr Waugh

283 immigrants,  7 infants died & 7 infants born on passage

Report of the Surgeon of the Emigrant Ship Lady Kennaway

Mrs Henderson           boy
Mrs Robt. Wilson        girl
Mrs Robt. Robertson     "
Mrs Wright                   boy
Mrs Thos. Smith            "
Mrs Tough               twins still born    boys
Mrs Jas. Robertson    girl
Mrs John Robertson     "       

         Total born alive    7

May 30th      Alexr McKintosh     aged 13 months
June 20th     M… Carr                  aged 3˝ years
June 9th      twin daughters of J, Gilfillan,  aged 1 year
July 10th     David McKintosh          aged 3 years
Aug 6th       Laughlan Gray            aged 9 months
Aug 9th       Anne Stewart             aged 1 year

          Total Deaths  7

List of Trades etc

Agricultural Labourers 14   Joiners 3
Blacksmiths  6    Ploughmen  2
Carpenters Quarrymen 1
Coach Makers 1     Stone Masons  9
Coach Smith 1 Shoemakers 4
Cabinet Makers  3 Sawyers 6
?  & Scourer 1 Shepherds 1
?  Overseer 4 Tailors 3
Gardeners  4 Turner & Glaziers ?
House Servants   3 Woolsorters ?

Unmarried females
Children’s Maid                   1
Dressmakers                       3
General Servant                 1
Housemaids                        ?
Nursery Maids                     ?
Midwives                              ?

The Lady Kennaway of 583 Tons, capable of containing 288 passengers according to the computation required by the Passengers Act of one person to every fifteen superficial feet of the Lower Deck sailed on the 18th day of April from Leith Roads to New South Wales.


Number of married men and women        106
                children between 7 & 14 yrs      45
                                      12mths & 7 “       84
                 infants under 12 months              8
                 single men                                    18
                          women                               22  

Number of Mechanics                               38
              “ Agriculttivists                         33

Names of Cabin Passengers

Robert Waugh Surgeon
             Hope  Ass  do
Miss Waugh
       Anne do
                                                    Total       5


Total number of emigrants          283
               of cabin Passengers       5

                                                           Emigration Office Leith

                                                            18th April 1838           

Received on board the Emigrant ship Lady Kennaway the above number of passengers for Sydney New South Wales all in apparent good health & satisfied.

                                                                                    Robert Waugh


 Passenger List

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