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Milton Ulladulla South Coast NSW
Cathy Dunn

Milton Ulladulla, South Coast, New South Wales

The Milton Ulladulla district is on the NSW South Coast, being part of the city of Shoalhaven. Captain Cook first saw Aboriginals on our beaches in 1770. The first white Settler was Rev Thomas Kendall in 1828 who started cedar cutting at Narrawallee Creek near Milton. Ulladulla was refered to as the entire district was known as Nulladulla - meaning safe harbour. The Boat Harbour of Ulladulla was used for shipping of timbers and farm produce etc for trade to Sydney. The Post Office was established in 1842 with the mail arriving by steamer. Ulladulla has always been a one pub town with the George Inn (1841), Royal Hotel (1860), Harbour View Hoel (late 1880s). and the Marlin Hotel (1948) which stands in the centre of Ulladulla today.

Even though Ulladulla has one of the safest harbours on the south coast, it still has played havoc for some ships sailing the coastline. The North and South reefs (bomborras) and Wardens Head (South headland) were the location of ship wrecks in the 19th century. One of first industries was shipbuilding on the shore of Ulladulla Beach by Warden & Gee bcak in the early 1840s.

Many farms were established around the Settlement which became Milton. This historic private township was established in 1860 and became the commercial centre for the entire district by 1875. Milton today is listed with the National Trust and one can walk around the streets of Milton and see home and buildings dating back to 1860s.

Tourists have been coming to the Milton Ulladulla district for many years. At the turn of the century, Ulladulla was advertising fishing and surfing as highlights of the area. Today Ulladulla is a major tourist area with its beautiful beaches, mountain ranges and more. Ulladulla harbour today plays such as playing pokies Aus host to the largest commercial fishing fleet on the South Coast.

The Blessing of Fleet Festival is a major attraction and a festival is held every year at Easter. The township of Milton is popular for its new and unusual craft and antique shops along with its historic charm


Ulladulla c1912 Millards Bridge & Main Street

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Printed in the Milton Ulladulla Times
1999 Holiday Feature

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