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::| Lady Juliana 1790 | 1790 | Year Index Davis, Ann
Sex: F



St George, Gloucestershire, England

20 December 1774
St George, Gloucestershire, England

11 March 1854
Seven Hills, Sydney, New South Wales

13 March 1854
St John's Cemetery, Parramatta, New South Wales

Conviction Details

on Arrival:
Convict Ship: Lady Juliana - 1790
Crime: Break and Enter - Steal a gown, 5 caps and other items of clothing Sentence: 7 years
Tried at: Lent Assizes at Gloucester Trial Date: March 1788

Parent Details

Father: Possibly Davis, Thomas Mother: Possibly Phipps, Mary

Physical Description

Literacy Religion Trade/Calling
Visage Build Native Place
Complexion Hair Eyes Height
Distinguishing Marks: Ann was blind from 1797 onwards


Known Number of Marriages/Partners 4 Known Number of Children 8


Ann Davis, late of the Parish of St. George, Co. Gloucester, spinster on 15 March 1788 about the hour of four in the afternoon the dwelling house of Isaac Gough there situate feloniously did break and enter ‎(no person in the said dwelling house then and there being)‎ one linen gown of the value of thirty shillings one silk handkerchief of the value of four shillings five linen caps of the value of two shillings one dimity skirt of the value of one shilling one pair of stays of the value of one shilling one muslin apron of the value of five shillings and one muslin handkerchief of the value of four shillings did steal take and carry away.

Ann remained in Gloucester Castle gaol until March 1789 when she was sent to London for embarkation on the 'Lady Juliana'arriving in 1790

Ann's first child b. 17/5/1792. This child is identified as being the Samuel Richards/Richardson who died 1795

(Molly Gillins book unverified) states he was the son of Samuel Richards/Richardson, a seaman tried at the Old Bailey and transported to the colony aboard the Scarborough in 1788 (First Fleet). He was tried as one name and Transported as the other.

5 February 1795 - Ann's first child, Samuel R RICHARDS, was buried at Sydney

1795 - She had a relationship with Thomas Fowles (convict - Atlantic 1791) which produced one known daughter Elizabeth b. 1796

1798 - Ann had a relationship with A Thomas Williams. Thomas Williams has been totally disproven by the Fellowship of First Fleeters as NOT BEING THE PARTNER (2014) of this Ann Davis. (For details of the First Fleet Marine - please see the partner of Ann Lynch Convict on the First Fleet and their Living circumstances on Norfolk Island and their return to Sydney in 1805.

Thomas Williams b. 1/1/1799 verified as being born in Toongabbie - Verified by Baptism certificate in Possession. He was Baptised on the 24/3/17989 - per the certificate.

John Williams - was the son of Thomas Williams Born 1799 and his marriage to Charlotte Kentwell (d/o of William
Kentwell the convict arrival Admiral Barrington 1791 arrival)

Mary Williams born 1802 in Toongabbie - Verified by Baptismal Certificate - Mary Married John Dale a convict

By 1804 Ann was living with Simon MOULDS to whom she had four children over ensuing years. They married in 1820

January 1810 - Described as a free woman, Ann petitioned Governor Macquarie for confirmation of a grant of 80 acres which she
had been promised by the anti-Bligh regime but which was never surveyed. She requested the grant on the grounds
of her good behaviour, the fact that she had five children and that she had lost her eyesight thirteen years
earlier (in about 1797). There is no record of the grant being issued

1814 - Recorded as being in receipt of public rations because of her blindness

1820 - Ann and her husband Simon MOULDS were living on a farm, by purchase, at Toongabbie. They owned 13 cattle and 60 sheep

1821 - Simon was granted 50 acres in the district of Bathurst (not the village on the other side of the Blue Mountains but a part of the Parramatta district)

1828 - The census recorded Ann and Simon as living at Seven Hills and holding 170 acres (29 under cultivation) and owning 6 horses and 30 cattle.

17 June 1843 - Ann's husband Simon died.


CJ Smee - First Fleet Families is a family submitted entry. It is taken that the First Fleet Marine is the father of Thomas and Mary, born 1799 and 1802 respectively - Proven as unverified and did not take into consideration the 20-24 other Thomas Williams in the colony at the time of Thomas Jnrs birth.

CJ Smee - Second Fleet Families Entry is a family submitted entry. It shows that Ann had a partnership with (A) Thomas Williams.

It also shows, that she is listed as MRS, this detail has been taken from the First Fleet convict Judith Jones, alias Ann Davis, who was married to William Davis and executed in 1789 according to Mollie Gillens Founders of Australia. This Ann Davis (Lady Juliana 1790) was listed as a single woman and was not married on arrival in Australia per Michael Flynns - "The Second Fleet."

CJ Smee - Fourth Fleet Families, has another entry for Ann this time with a partner being Thomas Williams of the Royal Admiral - there are two convict Indents for this Thomas Williams - one for a man aged 40 and one for a man Aged 21. Both were tried in the same court on the same day and for the same Crime - no death date is listed for either man.

Parramatta Historical Society - Pioneers book - family submitted entries - totally unverified list Thomas Williams First Fleet Marine as the father of Thomas and Mary. As with the above entries family submitted by Dorothy Woodhouse and unverified. Dorothys research was based on only three arrivals in the colony at the time and did not take into consideration the 20+ known Thomas Williams that have arrivals or convict Indents for as at 2014.

These Walls of Time - Ken Roughly - based on Dorothy Woodhouse's research only three nominated in the 1980's - First Fleeter and two Barwell Convicts who arrived too late to be the father of Thomas Jnr and have been discounted due to that - as the child would have been pre-mature and would not have survived.

Kentwell Chronicles - Heather Watson - nominated 10 Possibles in her book but could work it out which was the one - due to the name being too common.

Further Investigations are being done by myself to eliminate all of the other potential Thomas Williams arrivals that have been found as arrivals.

July 2014

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Entry Partners
9038 Richards/Richardson, Samuel Possibly Cohabited 1791 to 1795
4249 Fowles, Thomas Possibly Cohabited 1795 to 1798
3974 Williams, Thomas Possibly Cohabited 1798 to 1803
7794 Moulds, Simon 21 February 1820 St John's, Parramatta, NSW
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