Collis, Charles - Convict per Admiral Gambier 1808

Tried Oxford Assises 8 July 1807
Sentence: Death later respited to Transportation for Life
Transported per Admiral Gambier arrived NSW 1808.
Married at St Philips Sydney 13 Dec 1817 Elizabeth Williams - (Born Norfolk Island - free daugher of Frances Williams Convict)
31 January 1818 - Granted Conditional Pardon no 855.
1819 - Arrived Van Diemen's Land with family to join wife's sister per "Jupiter" dep.12 Nov 1819. Charles was later tried with his wife and her sisters' husband for stealing sheep-14 year sentence.
1833 - Granted a Ticket of Leave
16 February 1838 - Charged with Drunk and Disorderly fined 5/-
2 April 1838 - Charged with Drunkeness - sentenced to solitary confinement

Charles' gravestone now to be found at St MARKS 'PONTVILLE Tasmania -A:br03/00052-1

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