Bryant, Ann - Convict
Entry 1681 Sex: F Alias:
Born: 1772 at :
Bapt: at:
Died: at:
Buried: at:

Conviction Details

Status on Arrival: Convict Ship: Lady Juliana - 1790
Crime: Steal 10 yards of muslin Sentence: 7 years
Tried at: Maidstone, Kent Trial Date: March 1789

Parent Details

Father: Mother:

Physical Description

Literacy Religion Trade/Calling
Visage Build Native Place
Complexion Hair Eyes Height
Distinguishing Marks:


Known Number of Marriages/Partners 2 Known Number of Children 1
Entry Partners Name Marriage Date Marriage Place FGS
8962 Hughes, William
GS Smith, William Separated in 1791

Ann’s daughter Sarah was christened at Port Jackson on 3 October 1790, she died on 28 February 1791. Her father was a seaman on the 'Lady Juliana' and he returned to England with the ship in 1790.
May 1791 - Ann and William Smith quarrelled and seperated as a result.. When he left William took a pair of shoes and some leather that he had given to Ann. She had him brought before the magistrate and he was ordered to return the goods to her.

No later record of Ann's presence in the colony can be confirmed
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