Born in Kent 1800-1802. Pickpocket in New Sarum (Salisbury), Wiltshire. Stole 2 silk handkerchiefs, a silver watch and 'several other articles' during the elections in Salisbury in July 1819. Convicted on 27.8.1819 after being held in Fisherton Gaol awaiting trial. Sent to the hulk, 'Laurel' on 13.9.1819. Boarded convict transport 'Coromandel' in Portsmouth Harbour on 21.10.1819. Employed in NSW by the government as a wheelwright in the Parramatta area. Applied to marry Harriett Scott in September 1825 but this marriage never took place. Applied to marry Mary Ann Smith in early December 1825 and they were married on 12.12.1825. There were apparently no children from this marriage. Thomas received Certificate of Freedom in 1826. 1828 census records Thomas and Mary Ann still living in the Parramatta area. Mary Ann found 'at large' on 10.12.1830 and was 'bonded' and sent to Parramatta on 12.12.1830. Mary Ann had possibly left Thomas after discovering his affair with 'Eliza' as Eliza gave birth to Louisa Wenner on 31.7.1831, 7 months after Mary Ann was found 'at large'. Thomas, Eliza and Louisa moved to Lane Cove area during the 1830s and were recorded as living in Lane Cove in the parish of Gordon in the 1841 census. Two additional male children (7-13 years) also in the household. It is unknown whether they were Thomas' sons. Twin daughters, Mary Ann and Rachel, born on 14.2.1843 to Thomas and Elizabeth. It cannot be verified whether Eliza and Elizabeth were the same woman. another daughter, Lavinia, born on 18.11.1846 (mother Elizabeth). Elizabeth died of 'intemperance' in 1854 and Louisa died of burns she received when her clothes caught fire in 1860. Thomas owned some freehold land at Lane Cove. Thomas died of liver cancer on 30.10.1867 in Sydney Infirmary. Death Certificate refers to four living daughters - there is either an untraceable additional Wenner daughter, or the informant (son-in-law) made a mistake. There is no mention of the two boys mentioned in the 1841 census.

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