Lord Lyndoch 1836

Convicts on the transport ship Lord Lyndoch – 1836 to Hobart, Van Diemens Land

Departed London – 24 April 1836

Arrived Hobart – 20 August 1836

Convicts embarked – 330 male Convicts who died on the voyage – 5
Adams, David? Convict
Adamson, James? Convict
Allen, Benjamin? Convict
Allwood, John Convict Leicester Assizes 21 March 1836 7 years
Andrews, James? Convict
Arney, Samuel? Convict
Atkinson, Edward? Convict
Bain, Daniel? Convict
Baker, Richard? Convict
Baker, William? Convict
Barnett, John? Convict
Barrett, William? Convict
Barry, Daniel? Convict
Batho, John? Convict
Batt, Henry? Convict
Battles, David? Convict
Beck, Henry? Convict
Bedford, Thomas? Convict
Bell, William? Convict
Bennett, John? Convict
Bennett, Richard? Convict
Bennett, Thomas Palmer? Convict
Bent, John Rivett? Convict
Beynon, John? Convict
Bibby, James? Convict
Bingham, Benjamin? Convict
Birtles, David? Convict
Blacker, Titus? Convict
Blain, Henry John? Convict
Blood, William? Convict
Blunt, Henry? Convict
Bofham, Thomas? Convict
Bond, George? Convict
Bourleton, William? Convict
Bourne, Peter? Convict
Bowler, Robert? Convict
Bremner, Jameson? Convict
Brent, John Rivett? Convict
Brewer, Charles? Convict
Brimfield, Richard? Convict
Brookes, John? Convict
Brotherton, John? Convict
Brown, Charles? Convict
Brown, John? Convict
Brown, Joseph? Convict
Brown, William? Convict
Burgan, John? Convict
Burns, Patrick? Convict
Burrows, James? Convict
Bury, Daniel? Convict
Butler, John? Convict
Cairns, Charles? Convict
Calvert, James? Convict
Carr, Thomas? Convict
Carter, James? Convict
Carter, Joseph? Convict
Chamberlain, John? Convict
Champion, William? Convict
Chappell, Samuel? Convict
Charlton, Daniel? Convict
Clay, George? Convict
Clay, William? Convict
Clayton, Richard? Convict
Clew, John? Convict
Cockbill, David? Convict
Cohen, Benjamin? Convict
Cole, Amos? Convict
Coleman, William? Convict
Colmer, William? Convict
Cook, William? Convict
Cooke, Samuel? Convict
Cooper, James? Convict
Coppin, James? Convict
Corston, James? Convict
Corteen, Matthias? Convict
Courtney, James? Convict
Cox, Thomas? Convict
Crossland, George? Convict
Crossley, John? Convict
Cruickshanks, John? Convict
Crutcher, John? Convict
Cussell, John? Convict
Davenport, Joseph? Convict
Davies, David? Convict
Davis, John? Convict
Davis, John? Convict
Dawse, Thomas? Convict
Day, William? Convict
Divinie, Hugh? Convict
Doherty, William? Convict
Donald, Andrew? Convict
Draper, George? Convict
Driskell, John? Convict
Duncan, James? Convict
Edwards, James? Convict
Edwards, William? Convict
Egglestone, Job? Convict
Evans, Daniel? Convict
Fagg, Jacob? Convict
Ferguson, Richard? Convict
Fisher, John? Convict
Fleming, Matthew? Convict
Floyd, Henry? Convict
Fraser, Joe? Convict
Fraser, Malcolm? Convict
Freer, John? Convict
Gill, Thomas? Convict
Gimson, William? Convict
Gledhill, Daniel? Convict
Glover, Walter? Convict
Godwin, Francis? Convict
Golden, James? Convict
Goodger, William? Convict
Grady, James? Convict
Grant, Richard? Convict
Gray, Joseph? Convict
Gray, Thomas? Convict
Green, John? Convict
Green, William? Convict
Grieve, Andrew? Convict
Griffiths, Joseph? Convict
Grindlay, William? Convict
Hall, William? Convict
Hall, William? Convict
Hamilton, James? Convict
Hampson, Joseph? Convict
Hankinson, Joseph? Convict
Harding, Joseph? Convict
Harper, John? Convict
Harris, Thomas? Convict
Harrison, John? Convict
Hart, Thomas? Convict
Hartley, Jonathan? Convict
Hartley, William? Convict
Haskell, Thomas? Convict
Haslehurst, Thomas? Convict
Hawkesley, Henry? Convict
Haynes, John? Convict
Healy, Henry? Convict
Heap, Thomas? Convict
Hill, John? Convict
Hillage, William? Convict
Hobson, Edwin? Convict
Holliday, John? Convict
Holmes, Samuel? Convict
Hopkin, Henry? Convict
Houghton, Edward? Convict
Hughes, John? Convict
Hughes, John? Convict
Hunt, George? Convict
Hunter, Edward? Convict
Jackson, Thomas? Convict
Jaques, Edward? Convict
Jenkins, Jenkin? Convict
Jepson, John? Convict
Johnson, Henry? Convict
Johnson, John? Convict
Johnson, Joseph? Convict
Jones, Thomas? Convict
Jones, William? Convict
Jones, William? Convict
Jones, William? Convict
Kelly, Edward? Convict
Kelly, Thomas? Convict
King, John? Convict
Kirkham, Thomas? Convict
Knockett, John? Convict
Latimer, Thomas? Convict
Lea, Thomas? Convict
Lees, Lubin Slater? Convict
Leigh, James Convict
Lennox, Martin? Convict
Levi, Lazarus? Convict
Lewkes, Benjamin? Convict
Lilley, Christopher? Convict
Lindley, William? Convict
Lindsey, James? Convict
Lloyd, Thomas? Convict
Lockyer, Stephen? Convict
Loder, James? Convict
Lowe, John? Convict
Mac Andrew, Andrew? Convict
Mac Gilvray, William? Convict
Macdonald, Andrew? Convict
Main, John? Convict
Main, Philip? Convict
Marr, John? Convict
Matthews, James? Convict
Maunders, George? Convict
Mc Conkey, Hugh? Convict
Mc Cracken, James? Convict
Mc Dead, Patrick? Convict
Mc Donald, Alexander? Convict
Mc Fadyen, John? Convict
Mc Farlane, John? Convict
Mciver, Francis? Convict
Mckechnie, Duncan? Convict
Mends, William? Convict
Metcalf, Ephraim? Convict
Mew, Thomas? Convict
Miles, John? Convict
Millar, John? Convict
Millard, Levi? Convict
Miller, John? Convict
Miller, William? Convict
Mills, William? Convict
Mitchell, Thomas? Convict
Moody, Prince? Convict
Morgan, Edmund? Convict
Morgan, Joseph? Convict
Mott, Henry? Convict
Mousley, Joseph? Convict
Munday, George? Convict
Narraway, William? Convict
Nash, John? Convict
Neale, Charles? Convict
Newcombe, Joseph? Convict
Newman, John? Convict
Nicholson, Benjamin? Convict
Norman, Peter? Convict
Oakes, James? Convict
Ogden, Abraham? Convict
Oxley, Henry? Convict
Padmore, Henry? Convict
Paradise, John? Convict
Parker, Thomas? Convict
Parkes, Edward? Convict
Pedley, John? Convict
Pepper, John? Convict
Perry, Thomas? Convict
Phillips, Edward? Convict
Phillips, George? Convict
Pickles, Matthias? Convict
Pike, John? Convict
Pile, Joseph? Convict
Pilliner, Richard? Convict
Plumpton, Thomas? Convict
Pollock, Robert? Convict
Porter, Thomas? Convict
Potter, James? Convict
Pound, John? Convict
Pratt, John? Convict
Preston, Isaac? Convict
Priest, Daniel? Convict
Prince, William? Convict
Pritchard, John? Convict
Pybus, John? Convict
Rainsbury, Thomas? Convict
Rathbone, Thomas? Convict
Rayner, William? Convict
Reed, George? Convict
Reid, Matthew? Convict
Reilly, Patrick? Convict
Reynolds, William? Convict
Rice, John? Convict
Richards, William? Convict
Richardson, John? Convict
Rigby, Thomas? Convict
Rimington, James? Convict
Roberts, John? Convict
Roberts, Richard? Convict
Robertson, William? Convict
Robinson, John? Convict
Robinson, William? Convict
Rollins, John? Convict
Rome, George? Convict
Rook, John? Convict
Rooney, John? Convict
Rowe, Thomas? Convict
Rowland, James? Convict
Russell, Thomas? Convict
Rylah, Henry? Convict
Seale, Thomas? Convict
Sewell, Joseph? Convict
Shanley, John? Convict
Sharp, William? Convict
Shaw, Samuel? Convict
Sheen, Timothy? Convict
Short, James? Convict
Short, James? Convict
Simpson, William? Convict
Slaith, John? Convict
Slater, Lubin? Convict
Smith, James? Convict
Smith, Jameson? Convict
Smith, John? Convict
Smith, John? Convict
Smith, Joseph? Convict
Smith, William? Convict
Smith, William? Convict
Smyth, Edward? Convict
Steadman, Alexander? Convict
Stephenson, John? Convict
Stewart, Alexander? Convict
Stiggen, John? Convict
Strike, William? Convict
Sullivan, William? Convict
Sussham, William? Convict
Sutliff, John? Convict
Thomas, Benjamin? Convict
Thomas, James? Convict
Thomas, John? Convict
Thompson, Isaac? Convict
Thompson, Joseph? Convict
Timbrell, George? Convict
Todd, David? Convict
Tracey, Joseph? Convict
Turner, Edwin? Convict
Twining, Jacob? Convict
Underwood, Benjamin? Convict
Unwin, James? Convict
Vaughan, Henry? Convict
Wager, Henry? Convict
Wallis, John? Convict
Wallis, Robert? Convict
Walters, James? Convict
Ward, George? Convict
Ware, Henry? Convict
Warrington, Samuel? Convict
Waterland, John Walker? Convict
Welch, John? Convict
Wells, Henry? Convict
West, Charles? Convict
West, William? Convict
Wheatley, Henry? Convict
Wheeler, James? Convict
White, James? Convict
Whitehouse, James? Convict
Wild, William? Convict
Wilde, John? Convict
Williams, Thomas? Convict
Williams, William? Convict
Wilson, Robert? Convict
Wood, James? Convict
Wood, William? Convict
Wright, David Gibson? Convict
Yeates, William? Convict
Yeomans, Thomas? Convict
Young, John? Convict

Source for this list – Archives Office of Tasmania Convict Listings

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