Reference Material

Reference Material used for creating the lists

* Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) VPRS 4323 Convict Indents: New South Wales - Microfilm Copy - This material is microfilm copies of the original convict indents. These were used to created the basic lists.
  • PROV VPRS 110 Register of Convicts (superintendent, Port Phillip District) 1842-54
  • PROV VPRS 19 Inward Registered Correspondence (Superintendent, Port Phillip District) 1839 - 1851
  • PROV VPRS 89 Notification of Pardon of Exiles (Superintendent, Port Phillip District) 1844-1849
  • PROV Registers of Assisted Immigrants from UK 1839-1871 (VPRS 7310) Microfiche copy of VPRS 14 - contains the arrival of the ships carrying the Exiles
  • PROV Hulk Sacramento Inward Correspondence to Superintendent Port Phillip District 1857-1871 (VPRS 681)
  • PROV Hulk President Outward Correspondence Register 1852-1858 (VPRS 1416)
  • PROV Hulk Success Outward Letter Book 1853-1854 (VPRS 5899)
  • PROV VPRS 107 Convict Indents of NSW (30 volumes) 1830-

Public Record Office - London

  • Convict Ship Indents series H.O. 11/1 through to H.O. 11/21

The NSW State Archives Genealogical Kit - this set consists of a huge amount of microform records but the key references used include:

  • Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages 1787-1856
  • Convict Death Register 1828-79
  • Convict Assignment Registers 1821-24
  • Register of Tickets of Leave 1824-27
  • Blue Books 1822-57
  • Registers of Convicts Applications to Marry 1825-51
  • Registers of Conditional Pardons 1791-1825


  • An Account of the English Colony in NSW Volumes 1 & 2 by David Collins. First published in 1798-1802. Australian edition published 1975.
  • Musters and Lists. New South Wales and Norfolk Island 1800-1802 (Edited by Carol J Baxter)
  • Musters of New South Wales and Norfolk island 1805-1806 (Edited by Carol J Baxter)
  • General Musters of New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemens Land 1811 (Edited by Carol J Baxter)
  • General Muster and Land and Stock Muster of New South Wales 1822 (Edited by Carol J Baxter)
  • General Return of Convicts in New South Wales 1837 (edited by NG Butlin, CW Cromwell & KL Suthern)
  • Census of New South Wales November 1828 including Corrigenda and Addenda (edited by Malcolm Sainty and Keith Johnson)
  • The Founders of Australia (by Mollie Gillen)
  • The Second Fleet: Britain's Grim Convict Armada of 1790 (by Michael Flynn)
  • The Forgotten Generation of Norfolk Island and Van Diemens Land (by Reg Wright - Published 1986)
  • Sydney's First Four Years; A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay and A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson 1788-1791 (by Captain Watkin Tench
  • Remarks on a passage to Botany Bay 1787-1792: A First Fleet Journal (by James Scott, Sergeant of Marines) - Facsimile version published by the William Dixson Foundation 1963
  • Australian Education 1788-1900: Church, State and Public Education in Colonial Australia (by AG Austin)
  • Tasmania 1803-1900 (by George Finkel)
  • Shadow over Tasmania (by Coultman Smith)
  • The Australian Legend (by Russell Ward)
  • Yankee Maritime Activities and the Early History of Australia (by Nigel Wace & Bessie Lovatt)
  • Convicts of the Port Phillip District (by Keith M Clarke)
  • A New History of Australia (edited by Frank Crowley)
  • The Australian Colonists (by KS Inglis)
  • The Australians (by Ross Terrill)
  • Land of a Thousand Sorrows - The Australian Prison Journal 1840-1842 of the Exiled Canadien Patriote, Francois-Maurice Lepailleur. (translated and edited by F Murray Greenwood)
  • Fate of the Artful Dodger: Parkhurst boys transported to Australia and New Zealand 1842-1852 (by Paul Buddell)
  • Convict Society and its enemies (by JB Hirst)
  • The Australians from 1788 to Modern Times (by john Fisher)
  • Convicts and Colonial Society 1788-1868 Second Edition (Edited by L Evans & P Nicholls)
  • Journal of Australian Colonial History Vol4, No 1 & Vol2, No 1
  • A Cargo of Women: Susannah Watson & the convicts of the Princess Royal (by Babette Smith)
  • Australian Dictionary of Biography Volumes 1-12
  • Australian Dictionary of Biography On-line at http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/adbonline.htm(external link)
  • Fourteen Journies over the Blue Mountains of New South Wales 1813-1841 (collected and edited by George Mackaness - Published 1965)
  • The Australian People 1788-1945 (by Brian Fitzpatrick - Second Edition 1951)
  • Squatting on Crown Lands in New South Wales (by JF Campbell Edited by BT Dowd)
  • The Sydney Gazette Vols. IV & V 1806-1807
  • Australia and the Australian (by RM Younger)
  • The Hatch and Brood of Time (by Portia Robinson)
  • Australia: The First Twelve Years (by Peter Taylor)
  • Records of the Old Bailey http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/(external link)

CD-Rom based resources

  • Australian Vital Records (No Author - Published by the Church of Jeus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
  • Indexes of Births, Deaths and Marriages (NSW, Victoria, Tasmania & WA)

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