Phebe Flarty

I am researching my ancestor Phebe Flarty and would be interested in exchanging primary resources with anyone who has more information on her. I find no primary resources so far for her parents names "John and Mary Flarty" which is often posted in family trees on Ancestry.com I found evidence for Mrs. Hickey owning a "house of ill repute" (ie. brothel/gambling) at the London archives. Mrs. Hickey is associated with the child crime ring that Phebe and William Welch were involved in while living in London before being sentenced to transportation to Australia. Phebe Flarty and William Welch ended up being transported to Australia and had a child together before Phebe had children with marine Richard Podmore whom she ultimately marrried and settled down with. I am descended from Phebe Flarty and Richard Podmore. I can be contacted at bluastbury@yahoo.com.

You've probably obtained a copy of the marriage certificate for your ancestors who I see were married in 1810. This certificate might show the parents names - early ones seem to be slack in this regard. If you've not done so, go to http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/familyHistory/searchHistoricalRecords.htm.(external link) Will cost $29 and, if you are in NSW, take from 3 days to 3 or so weeks depending on work flow. Another big help is newspaper records see the online resource of the National Library at http://trove.nla.gov.au/.(external link) Look at http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/68206970?q=%22richard+podmore%22&l-australian=y&c=article(external link) Also check http://www.easystreetretreat.com.au/australianroyalty/individual.php?pid=I77687&ged=purnellmccord.ged(external link) I wonder if there's any joy for you in the ships passenger list? Have you seen - Gillen, Mollie. The Founders of Australia: a biographical dictionary of the First Fleet. North Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1989. See also
http://www.easystreetretreat.com.au/australianroyalty/individual.php?pid=I77687&ged=purnellmccord.ged(external link)

Heaps of stuff there (that you've probably seen). You have a much easier job than me as my lot (convicts) were fond of aliases - makes it hard to track them.

Good Luck

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