From Servitude to Freedom - The Descendants of Joseph and Jane Sewell

Joseph Sewell arrived on the Lady Harewood in 1832. RE FROM SERVITUDE TO FREEDOM For young Joseph Sewell growing up in Chelmsford Essex in the early 1800’s without parents, this would lead to his being arrested on two occasions. The latter charge of stealing a turkey in 1828 would change his whole life, as he would be sentenced to serve his time in the Penal Colony of New South Wales. Joseph served most of his term around Newcastle before earning his Ticket of Leave in 1838 and in 1840 he married a young eighteen-year convict girl from Scotland by the name of Jane Whittle. Joseph and Jane had two sons, Joseph Jnr and Henry before Joseph’s accidental death in 1844, which left Jane with two sons under the age of two years and still serving her time. Three and a half months later Jane would marry ticket of leave holder Richard Carpenter and have nine more children. Through the course of research it was revealed that Jane had in fact had three children to Joseph Sewell, as she was carrying Joseph’s third child [Richard Carpenter Jnr.] when Joseph was accidentally killed. It would seem that Jane then decided to give the child a living father’s surname rather then a deceased father surname. Therefore Richard Carpenter Junior was in fact Joseph Sewell’s third child. From Servitude to Freedom follows the lives of Joseph and Jane in Newcastle and then Jane and Richard Carpenter as they journey north to Uralla where they purchase property in the 1860’s. Learn more about Joseph and Jane’s children, Joseph Jnr, Henry and Richard and follow the lives of their children and their descendants for eight generations. I have spent numerous hours researching these families and wish to thank the many family members for their contributions. I have been able to include the records and photos of Joseph and Jane’s, three sons, fifteen grandchildren and sixty-four great grandchildren along with a listing of their siblings down to our present day.

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