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John Amey, from Dorset to Gippsland
convicts assigned to settlers:
After his arrival in 183 on the ship Aurora John Amey was assigned as a groom to the Rev. Thomas Hassall, in the County of Cooke District of Campbelltown.

Rev. Thomas Hassall of 'Denbigh' at 421 The Northern Road, Cobbitty in the Parish of Cooke in the County of Cumberland. He employed between 12 and 20 convict servants who worked from early morning until sundown. Wheat and hay was grown, and horses sold . The convicts were supervised by a Scottish overseer who called them to work in the morning by sounding a bullock horn.
Rev. Thomas' parish was a large one reaching from Cabramatta to Goulburn, this enabled him to follow his father's footsteps - breeding and selling fine horses. Thomas rode his horses throughout the vast area of his Parish. In 1822 Rev. Thomas married Anne Marsden, the daughter of Rev. Samuel Marsden who was nicknamed 'The Flogging Parson'.
The nickname of Thomas became 'The Galloping Parson'. "....always highly regarded Thomas epitomised the best qualities of a generous and pious man"
[Hassall Family Website]
John Amey's occupation in Dorset was as a groom and kitchen gardener. His crime in 1832 resulted in transportation for stealing hay. This could be the reason for the assignment to the Rev. Hassall where he was still assigned on the Convict Muster of 1838 as a Ticket of Leave holder.
He obtained his Certificate of Freedom in 1842 and settled in the region of Gippsland in Victoria
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Thomas EVANS
Im seeking to find more on Thomas EVANS [ born abt 1837 ] . tried in 1864 [ setting fire to hay stack ]at Warwickshire..sent to West Aust Thomas is not a relative..so I know very little of his family other than he had a brother John who in 1866 lived at Elizabeth Street Manchester..both were Cotton Spinner's. I cant find John on any census...many thanks
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From Servitude to Freedom - The ...
Joseph Sewell arrived on the Lady Harewood in 1832.


For young Joseph Sewell growing up in Chelmsford Essex in the early 1800’s without parents, this would lead to his being arrested on two occasions. The latter charge of stealing a turkey in 1828 would change his whole life, as he would be sentenced to serve his time in the Penal Colony of New South Wales.

Joseph served most of his term around Newcastle before earning his Ticket of Leave in 1838 and in 1840 he married a young eighteen-year convict girl from Scotland by the name of Jane Whittle. Joseph and Jane had two sons, Joseph Jnr and Henry before Joseph’s accidental death in 1844, which left Jane with two sons under the age of two years and still serving her time. Three and a half months later Jane would marry ticket of leave holder Richard Carpenter and have nine more children. Through the course of research it was revealed that Jane had in fact had three children to Joseph Sewell, as she was carrying Joseph’s third child [Richard Carpenter Jnr.] when Joseph was accidentally killed. It would seem that Jane then decided to give the child a living father’s surname rather then a deceased father surname. Therefore Richard Carpenter Junior was in fact Joseph Sewell’s third child.

From Servitude to Freedom follows the lives of Joseph and Jane in Newcastle and then Jane and Richard Carpenter as they journey north to Uralla where they purchase property in the 1860’s. Learn more about Joseph and Jane’s children, Joseph Jnr, Henry and Richard and follow the lives of their children and their descendants for eight generations.

I have spent numerous hours researching these families and wish to thank the many family members for their contributions. I have been able to include the records and photos of Joseph and Jane’s, three sons, fifteen grandchildren and sixty-four great grandchildren along with a listing of their siblings down to our present day.
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Not Famous - Just Battlers The ...
In 1890 while camped near Yetman, N.S.W., Michael Callaghan died from stirring his tea with a stick taken from an Oleander bush and though rushed to the Yetman Hotel he died within the hour. Michael left behind his wife Catherine [Nee Kelly] and ten living children and the memory of two deceased daughters. His death revealed that Callaghan was his stepfather’s name and the search for his Mother and Father turned out to be quite a task. My research shows that his father was in fact one William Brophy/Broggy and his mother was Mary White. William was sent out from Ireland as a Convict and served his time around Richmond, N.S.W. He entered into a defacto relationship with a Mary White and Michael came into the world in 1839. His sister Margaret came into the world in 1841/43. William Brophy died in 1844 and Mary White would then marry a John Callanan in the Maitland District in 1846. Mary and John would have three children, Catherine, John and Mary Jane. The book records the biographies of the latter and their descendants down to the third generation. After John’s death at Blandford N.S.W. in 1857 Mary would marry John Hearn in Wallabadah, in 1860, then on his death a James Caffrey at Moombi in 1872. Mary eventually passed away at Wallabadah in 1893.

The biggest volume of the 796 page book Not Famous – Just Battlers follows the lives of Michael and Catherine around Wallabadah in 1859-60, then onto the Liverpool Plains from 1860 to 1878 and then North to Goondiwindi in Queensland in 1878 and then back to Willow Tree in 1880 and then to the far west of New South Wales and back into Western Queensland and Roma in 1882. Then back to Goondiwindi in 1889 and Michael’s death in 1890 at Yetman N.S.W. Catherine then moved to Beebo Qld. and eventually died at Silver Spur in 1908. The book then follows the lives of their twelve children and records their descendants down to the eighth generation.

I have spent numerous hours researching these families and wish to thank the many family members for their contributions. I have been able to include the records and photos of Michael and Catherine and their children along with a listing of their siblings down to the eighth generation.
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Richard (Dicky) White
b. c 1774 in America
d. 19th June, 1849 Launceston, van dieman's Land
m. 1. Elizabeth
2. Sarah Clayton 19th April 1845 at Launceston
Child: John White b. 1798 at Port Jackson, NSW
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John Hopkins 'Matilda'
Baptised about 1768,Tried Gloucester Assizes 28th March 1787 sentence 7 years crime stealing Farming implements including a Brush Hook, Sailed from Portsmouth 27th March 1791, Arrived Sydney per ship 'Matilda' August 1791. Relationship with Ann Birmingham, Children Mary 1797, Sarah 1799, Baby born 1800 during the flood in December, no further information information in a letter to the Col Sec requesting assistance after the Flood, Possible daughter Harriet buried Old Burying Ground Liverpool 1817 aged 7 parents John and Ann. John and and are listed in the musters living on the Georges River on a Grant by Purchase. Ann referred to in musters as John's concubine. 1816 Land Grant at Airds/Campbelltown. October 1820 death of John in a fire at his property in Airds Burial 20th October 1820, 1823 probate of John's will granted to his daughters, Mary James and Sarah Robinson. Hannah was not mentioned in his will although she was still in contact with her daughter Mary in 1832. Information in a letter re daughter Mary.
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Daily accounts from the people that were there
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Phebe Flarty
I am researching my ancestor Phebe Flarty and would be interested in exchanging primary resources with anyone who has more information on her. I find no primary resources so far for her parents names "John and Mary Flarty" which is often posted in family trees on Ancestry.com I found evidence for Mrs. Hickey owning a "house of ill repute" (ie. brothel/gambling) at the London archives. Mrs. Hickey is associated with the child crime ring that Phebe and William Welch were involved in while living in London before being sentenced to transportation to Australia. Phebe Flarty and William Welch ended up being transported to Australia and had a child together before Phebe had children with marine Richard Podmore whom she ultimately marrried and settled down with. I am descended from Phebe Flarty and Richard Podmore. I can be contacted at bluastbury@yahoo.com.
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