Calendar event : 9 October 1804 - Hobart officially founded.

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Title9 October 1804 - Hobart officially founded.
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9 October 1804 saw the official founding of Hobart in Van Diemens Land. The first European settlement in the Hobart area began in 1803 as a penal colony and defensive outpost at Risdon Cove on the eastern shores of the Derwent River, amid British concerns over the presence of French explorers in the South Pacific. Acting on his own initiative, New South Wales Governor Philip Gidley King, dispatched an expedition under the command of a young 23 year old Lieutenant John Bowen to establish a colony there. Bowen was in command of the whaler Albion. Accompanying him were 21 male and three female convicts, guarded by a company of marines of the New South Wales Corps, as well as a small number of free settlers. The supply ship, the Lady Nelson arrived on 8 September 1803, and HMS Albion arrived on 13 September 1803, thereby creating a presence in Van Diemen's Land for the British.In 1804 it was moved to a better location at the present site of Hobart at Sullivans Cove, making it the second oldest city in Australia.

In October 1804, Lieutenant-Colonel William Paterson was dispatched from Port Jackson by Governor King to establish a second colony on the northern shore of the island. He arrived at the mouth of the Tamar River, and established a camp near the current location of George Town. However, feeling exposed to the off-shore weather, a few weeks later Paterson moved his camp 50.7 km (30.5m) inland to found Launceston.23


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