Calendar event : 11 October 1774 - Capt. James Cook lands on Norfolk Island

CalendarOn this day
Title11 October 1774 - Capt. James Cook lands on Norfolk Island
RecurrenceThis event depends on a recurrence rule
 Event is repeated20 times,on each 11 of October
Starting on Thursday 10 of October, 2013.
StartSunday 11 of October, 2020
EndMonday 12 of October, 2020
DescriptionOn his second voyage to the South Pacific Captain James Cook, then in charge of HMS Resolution, becomes the first European known to have sighted Norfolk Island. He named it in honour of the Duchess of Norfolk, who had died the previous year. Cook would not have known this as she died after he had set sail from England. Cook went ashore on Tuesday 11 October 1774. It was partly as a result of his report about the native flax plants (thought to be suitable for sail making) and Norfolk Pines (thought to be suitable for ship's masts) that the settlement of Norfolk Island was desired after a colony had been established in New Holland (or New South Wales)

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