Golden Grove 1788

The First Fleet Stores Ships – The Golden Grove

The Golden Grove was one of the three store ships to accompany the First Fleet to New South Wales. Like the Fishburn, the Golden Grove was built at Whitby in 1780 as a Store Ship. She had a burthen of 331 ton and was 94 feet in length with a maximum breadth of 30 feet. On 2 October 1788 she was used to transport 21 male and 11 female convicts from Port Jackson to Norfolk Island.

The Golden Grove departed the colony on 19 November 1788 in company with the Fishburn. Both ships spent several days at anchor at the Falklands in order to give sick crew members time to recuperate from scurvy. The Golden Grove arrived at Deptford on 9 June 1789.

In 1793 the Golden Grove was registered at Newcastle. Her registration was transferred to Liverpool on 12 January 1799 and she was possibly utilised on the Liverpool to Jamaica run. There is no further record of the Golden Grove after she was re-registered at Liverpool in 1804.

The Golden Grove carried no convicts. The following four people have been identified as arriving on the Golden Grove.

8458 Barnes, Mary (Mrs) Came Free
223 Barnes, Samuel Came Free as servant to Rev. Richard Johnson
1486 Burton, Mary Came Free - Chaplain's Wife
1487 Johnson, Richard Chaplain

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