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The First Fleet Naval Escorts - HMS Sirius

Free arrivals to New South Wales on the Naval Escort HMS Sirius - 1788
The HMS Sirius was one of the two naval escorts for the First Fleet. The first Governor of New South Wales, Arthur Phillip, travelled on board this ship to take up his appointment. The HMS Sirius was formerly named the HMS Berwick, an armed store ship, but prior to its departure for NSW she underwent refitting to be a 6th rate at the Deptford Yard at a cost of £7,072.

The Sirius was lost on 19 March 1790 at Norfolk Island after grounding on a reef. The crew were stranded on Norfolk Island until, on 12 February 1791, they were embarked on the Waaksamheid, a Dutch chartered vessel, and returned to England.

The HMS Sirius carried no convicts to the colony but did transport 101 convict men, 65 convict women and 23 children from Sydney Cove to Norfolk Island on her final voyage.
Free arrivals on this list - 143

52 Alt, Matthew Bowles Midshipman - Royal Navy
4637 Anderson, John Able Seaman - Royal Navy
74 Angell, James Private - Royal Marines 26th (Portsmouth) Company
139 Assell, John Private - Royal Marines 29th (Portsmouth) Company
153 Bacon, Elizabeth Came Free - Soldiers Child
155 Bacon, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs) Came Free - Soldier's Wife
158 Bacon, Samuel Private - Royal Marines 39th (Plymouth) Company
162 Bagley, James Corporal - Royal Marines 45th (Plymouth) Company
164 Bagley, Maria Came Free - Soldiers Child
165 Bagley, Sarah (Mrs) Came Free - Soldier's Wife
166 Bagnall, Ralph Private - Royal Marines 51st (Plymouth) Company
266 Batchelor, John Private - Royal Marines 55th (Portsmouth) Company
272 Bates, John Private - Royal Marines 47th (Portsmouth) Company
1285 Bayne, David Seaman
8528 Beard, William Seaman
1286 Bell, Jonathon Seaman
8529 Berriman, John Came Free - Ship's Steward
8531 Boyce, Benjamin Seaman
1288 Bradley, William 1st Lieutenant - Royal Navy
1289 Brewer, Henry Midshipman - Royal Navy
1291 Brooks, Deborah (Mrs) Came Free - Boatswain's Wife
1292 Brooks, Thomas Boatswain - Royal Navy
1293 Buckley, Stephen Boatswain's Mate - Royal Navy
1080 Bull, William Private - Royal Marines 15th (Plymouth) Company
1295 Burne, Terence Seaman - Royal Navy
1506 Caldwell, Joseph Seaman - Royal Navy
1507 Cavanough, Owen Seaman - Royal Navy
1508 Collins, David Captain of Marines & Judge-Advocate
1509 Conway, John Seaman - Royal Navy
1510 Coventry, James Seaman - Royal Navy
1511 Cunningham, James Ship's Master's Mate
2454 Daveny, Thomas Seaman
1512 De Maliez, Bernard Came Free
1513 Dodd, Henry Edward Came Free
1114 Dougherty, Arthur Private - Royal Marines
1115 Dougherty, Daniel Came Free
1354 Dougherty, Judah (Mrs) Came Free - Spouse of a Marine
1515 Drummond, John Seaman
1119 Dukes, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 14th (Portsmouth) Company
1516 Ellis, Walter Seaman
1517 Ferguson, John Midshipman - Royal Navy
1518 Fitzgerald, Henry Seaman
1127 Flemming, George Private - Royal Marines 5th (Portsmouth) Company
1519 Fowell, Newton Digby Midshipman - Royal Navy
1129 Freebourne, Alexander Drummer - Royal Marines 48th Company
1521 Freeman, Thomas Came Free
1053 Furzer, James 1st Lieutenant - Royal Marines 62nd Company
1130 Garvin, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 32nd (Portsmouth) Company
1132 Gilbourne, Andrew Private - Royal Marines 6th Company
1355 Gilbourne, Margaret (Mrs) Came Free - Spouse of a Marine
1135 Goodwin, Philip Private - Royal Marines 45th Company
4363 Gordon, James Able Seaman
1138 Gowen, John Corporal - Royal Marines 47th Company
1522 Graves, George Boatswain's Mate - Royal Navy
1523 Hacking, Henry Quartermaster
1143 Hailey, James Private - Royal Marines 55th Company
1144 Hailey, John Private - Royal Marines 26th Company
1145 Halfpenny, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 35th (Portsmouth) Company
1524 Hambley, William Ship's Carpenter - Royal Navy
1525 Harris, John Willkinson Midshipman - Royal Navy
1331 Hatherly, James Carpenter's Mate - Royal Navy
1526 Henderson, Robert Able Seaman
1151 Heritage, Charles Private - Royal Marines 5th Company
1527 Hibbs, Peter Able Seaman
1528 Hill, Francis Ship's Master's Mate
1154 Hughes, William Drummer - Royal Marines 2nd Company
1530 Hunter, John 2nd Captain of the Sirius
1156 Hurdle, James Private - Royal Marines 57th (Plymouth) Company
8604 Jamison, Thomas Came Free - Surgeon's First Mate
1533 Keltie, James Ship's Master
1164 Kennedy, John Private - Royal Marines 56th (Portsmouth) Company
1163 Kennedy, John Sergeant - Royal Marines 58th Company
1498 Kennedy, Mary Came Free - Spouse of a Marine
1066 King, Philip Gidley 2nd Lieutenant - Royal Marines
1165 King, Samuel Private - Royal Marines 50th Company
1534 Livingstone, John Ship's Carpenter - Royal Navy
1067 Long, John 2nd Lieutenant - Royal Marines 55th Company
1535 Mara, John Gunner's Mate - Royal Navy
1536 Maxwell, George William 3rd Lieutenant - Royal Marines
1182 Mc Ewan, Patrick Private - Royal Marines 20th (Portsmouth) Company
1184 Mc Manus, James Private - Royal Marines 59th Company
1537 Mc Neal, John Seaman
1578 Middleton, John Seaman
1539 Mitchell, William Seaman
1540 Moore, Edward Seaman
1542 Morton, Micah Ship's Master
8951 Moulton, William Private - Royal Marines 18th Company
1243 Mountstephens, Robert Drummer - Royal Marines 27th Company
1541 Murley, Roger Seaman
1192 Murphy, Michael Private - Royal Marines 41st Company
9004 Nagle, Jacob Seaman
9005 Nairn, James Corporal - Royal Navy
1543 Painter, James Seaman
9017 Palmer, Christopher Seaman
1544 Palmer, John Ship's Purser
1545 Parker, Charles Ship's Carpenter - Royal Navy
1204 Parsons, Henry Private - Royal Marines 45th (Plymouth) Company
9028 Paynter, James Carpenter's Mate
1207 Petrie, Henry Sergeant - Royal Marines
1546 Phillip, Arthur Captain, Commodore of Fleet, 1st Governor of NSW
1547 Phillips, Thomas Quartermaster
1211 Plater, Charles Private - Royal Marines
1548 Prater, Charles Came Free - Servant to David Collins
1549 Proctor, James Quarter Gunner
1212 Proctor, William Sergeant - Royal Marines 11th Company
1214 Radford, Joseph Private - Royal Marines 25th Company
1550 Raper, George Midshipman
9036 Redman, James Private - Royal Marines 5th Company
1551 Reid, William Able Seaman
1220 Reynolds, Charles Drummer - Royal Marines 63rd Company
1221 Rice, John Private - Royal Marines 33rd (Plymouth) Company
1552 Ross, Peter Gunner - Royal Navy
1047 Ross, Robert Major - Royal Marines
1233 Scott, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 61st Company
1234 Sculley, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 38th Company
1235 Seedhouse, William Private - Royal Marines 36th Company
1554 Shine, John Able Seaman
1242 Standley, William Private - Royal Marines 5th Company
1248 Tarr, Isaac Private - Royal Marines 26th (Portsmouth) Company
1373 Thomas, Ann (Mrs) Came Free - Spouse of a Marine
1250 Thomas, Edward Private - Royal Marines 50th Company
1251 Thomas, Samuel Private - Royal Marines 57th (Plymouth) Company
1556 Tunks, William Private - Royal Marines 26th (Portsmouth) Company
1257 Turner, John Private - Royal Marines 24th (Plymouth) Company
1374 Turner, Susannah (Mrs) Came Free - Spouse of a Marine
1558 Walker, David Seaman
1559 Waterhouse, Henry Midshipman - Royal Navy
1560 Watson, Robert Seaman
1318 Webb, Robert Seaman
1562 Webb, Thomas Seaman
1261 Wedman, James Private - Royal Marines
1262 West, John Drummer - Royal Marines 58th Company
1563 Westbrook, William Burton Ship's Carpenter
1564 White, Peter Sailmaker - Royal Navy
1266 Wigfall, Samuel Private - Royal Marines 17th (Portsmouth) Company
1268 Williams, James Private - Royal Marines
1270 Williamson, John Private - Royal Marines 8th (Plymouth) Company
1271 Willmot, Robert Private - Royal Marines 45th (Plymouth) Company
1565 Wilson, James Able Seaman
9083 Wixted, John Corporal - Royal Marines 29th Company
1566 Worgan, George Bouchier Surgeon
1567 Wrotten, Samuel Master's Mate
9084 Yule, Robert Able Seaman - Royal Navy

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