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<center>The Convict Stockade is a community site with the goal being to create a knowledge hub for everyone who is interested in Australia's convict origins. As such it is a site for participation and collaboration. <br><BR>_


A new section of the site where authors and researchers can highlight the books they have written about Australia's convict past. If you are an author please contact the Stockade about how to get your publication featured.<hr><Strong><i>All ship lists between 1788 and 1831, inclusive, have now been uploaded. There are also multiple ships for the subsequent years available through this site. New lists will be uploaded regularly as they are rechecked against the indents. To keep informed of changes and updates to this site please subscribe to our Twitter feed.

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<hr><strong>SITE NEWS</strong>

13 February 2014 - Due to Bot attacks on the site trying to take advantage of self registration I have had to revert to registration by email request. Registered users gain editing rights over public, non-locked pages and gain access to some parts of the site not accessible to unregistered users.

To become a registered user please email the following information. PREFERRED USER NAME: PREFERRED PASSWORD (at least five characters) EMAIL ADDRESS:

Send these details to scott at historyaustralia.org.au. I will endeavour to approve registration requests within 24 hours of receipt (if not sooner)

<Strong>How to use this site</strong>

Step 1: Explore

Search for Content using the Google Search box provided at the right of the page (NOTE: Names on this site are recorded as Surname, Given name. So if searching for William Davis you would enter Davis, William in the search box. Searches will search the entire HistoryAustralia site, not just the Convict Stockade)
Visit the Convict Lists, Image Galleries & File Galleries using the top menu bar
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Explore all the options on the menu bar to the right of your page<br>

Step 2: Ask a Question and Give Feedback

Register to become part of the community
Ask questions in the Forums
Give feedback using Comments at the bottom of any page

Step 3: Contribute

Start Creating, Editing and Enhancing our Convict Community Knowledge Base.<br><HR>
With the arrival of a full set of indents (digitised) from Public Record Office in London I am reviewing the entries for 1791 and 1792, adding some additional information. These will be updated as each indent is checked. Work continues on preparing the remaining Ship's lists for uploading and, as each ship is completed they will be uploaded to the site. <HR>
<strong>Archived Site News</strong>

<br /><br /><hr /><center>The Convict Stockade is a project of Scott Brown and History Australia - ABN: 15 396 357 943<br /><br /><center><a href="http://au.linkedin.com/pub/scott-brown/22/176/1ab">
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