Convict seizure of the brig "Trial" on 12 September 1816

By: Scott Brown  On: Sun 27 of Oct., 2013 23:04 AEDT  (1870 Reads)
Convicts seize the brig "Trial" on 12 September 1816

Sarah Darke (1777-1828) - convict per "Indispensible" in 1796

By: Vicki Smith  On: Tue 14 of Dec, 2010 14:27 AEDT  (4356 Reads)
<hr>Sarah, the daughter of Henry Darke and Mary Hannes, was 18 years old when delivered to Gloucester City Goal on 11 March 1795 after being sentenced to 7 years transportation for theft.<hr>

The Death Ships - Australia's Second Fleet - 1790

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Australia's First Fleet - 1788

By: Cathy Dunn & Marion McCreadie  On: Tue 14 of Dec, 2010 14:17 AEDT  (9069 Reads)
<hr>The First Fleet left England on 13th May 1787 for the 'lands beyond the seas' - Australia, stopping at Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town, where food supplies were replenished. The fleet arrived at Botany Bay between 18th and 20th January 1788.<hr>

The Clothing Trades in Colonial New South Wales

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Botany Bay as a Penal Colony

By: Cathy Dunn  On: Tue 14 of Dec, 2010 14:07 AEDT  (6178 Reads)

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James Lithgow (aka Lithgoe) convict 4641 per Nile to Western Australia July 1858

By: Fran Yeoh  On: Mon 20 of July, 2009 16:11 AEST  (10381 Reads)

James Lithgow

Height 5' 9 1/4"
Sallow complexion
Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Full face
Body middling to stout
Tatoo A.B., man right arm, crucifix left arm
Cut left eyebrow

Frederick Bevan convict 8798 per Belgravia to Western Australia July 1866

By: Fran Yeoh  On: Mon 20 of July, 2009 13:07 AEST  (12837 Reads)

The life and crimes of Frederick Bevan.

Height: 5'3 1/2" tall.
Fair complexion.
Light coloured hair.
Blue Eyes.
Thin face.
Body middling to stout.
Scar on left wrist.

Truculent looking.

William Davis per Scarborough in 1790

By: Scott Brown  On: Tue 29 of Jan., 2008 13:57 AEDT  (16594 Reads)
<B>The story of William Davis. Convict Lifer per the Scarborough to Sydney Cove in 1790</B>

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